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Your Adventure in the Wild

NATUCATE takes you to fascinating corners of our earth, whose amazing beauty and uniqueness and whose ecological integrity needs to be sustainably protected. By taking an active part in animal protection and nature conservation, you are making a valuable contribution towards this objective. And as a side effect, you will learn to understand and treasure “nature at its best” from a completely different angle.

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Volunteer Abroad – Conservation Work

Gain valuable experience in species and nature conservation! As a participant in one of our projects you will discover foreign countries off the beaten path, get to know people from all over the world and go for your limits and even beyond them. You need to be fully committed as a volunteer since you will face new challenges each day. Together with an international team you will master them. Being involved in our volunteer projects means familiarising yourself with essential aspects of nature and species conservation as well as broadening your skills in cooperative work.

Field Guide Courses and Nature Training

Combine your nature adventure with personal advanced training in nature and species conservation. In our courses you can deepen and broaden your knowledge about the flora and fauna of selected countries. Since they enable participants to receive an officially recognised certificate as well as credit points for their academic studies some of the courses are particularly valuable for your occupational career. You also have the opportunity to undertake professional training as a safari guide: Living in the wilderness of Southern Africa you gain expert knowledge by long-term experienced rangers. Last but not least NATUCATE provides an opportunity to have your personal Wilderness Experience, tailored to your wishes. Here you can find more information on our Private Wilderness Experience as well as other courses.

Practical Experience Overseas

International practical experience is a huge plus factor in every resumé! Not only you broaden your expert knowledge, but also you improve your foreign language as well as intercultural competence. NATUCATE offers you different options: You can either do a scientific internship in an organization that is committed to nature and species conservation. Or you can become an intern in the United States of America and gain valuable insight into the daily routine of an agricultural holding. Please feel free to contact us so we can take a look at all internship options for you.

Sabbatical – Break without Borders

Leave behind the stress of the day, recharge your batteries and go beyond your limits: NATUCATE creates and organises sabbaticals in combination with voluntary involvement in conservation work all over the world. Particular attention is paid to commitment to nature and natural environment, broadening one’s own horizon and personal education. Something for everyone, with your individual requests given every consideration – feel free to contact us so that we can work out the best solution for your time out in nature.

Our aspiration

Knyphausen Foundation

In November 2015 our team member in Botswana, Theda Gräfin Knyphausen, launched the Knyphausen Foundation for Sustainability, Conservation and Education. The foundation mainly operates in Botswana and develops own educational projects which primarily address children and young adults.

Its aim is to encourage people, through education, to take responsibility for themselves and their environment. This is why the Knyphausen Foundation developed, in cooperation with local schools in Maun, a project for responsible waste management, familiarizes children with Southern Africa’s nature as part of the “Kids to the Bush”-Programme, and grants scholarships for future safari guides.

"In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand;

and we will understand only what we are taught." (Baba Dioum, 1968)

No compromises

NATUCATE’s primary concern is to offer projects and programmes which fully comply with our corporate philosophy, in particular regarding high sustainability standards . Unfortunately, the phrase sustainability is occassionally used for „greenwashing“ purposes by instransparent organizations that claim to appear legitimate and sustainable, but do not complywith the respective criteria. This particularly applies to humanitarian projects involving children's aid as well as animal breeding projects in Africa. Since we cannot conduct an adequate quality assurance for these projects, we have decided not to add them to our programm. NATUCATE’s aim is to ensure that your commitment benefits exclusively those nature, animal and environmental conservation projects that we can recommend unreservedly and with a goodconscience.

No canned hunting or cub petting

We are glad that NATUCATE as the first German operator has been recommended as an ethic agency for voluntary work by Campaign against Canned Hunting (CACH). According to our philosophy we consider it as our responsibility to carefully select our project partners. Signing the strict code of conduct is a clear signal against misusing the help of volunteers for the canned hunting industries’ interests. Being in strong demand in Europe, lion breeding projects only serve to produce lion cubs to entice tourists and to use them for canned hunting later on. As soon as they are too big to be petted or walked with they are put into a fenced area where tourists shoot them in a trophy hunt.

CACH is a non-profit organization that strives to secure a ban on captive breeding of lions for the canned hunting industry. We fully support their work.


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