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Review Field Guide Level 1 Africa – Tobias

“After a small meal we went on our first game drive. For me it was the very first time out in the African bush and I immediately fell in love with it.”

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Review Volunteering USA California Nature Conservation – Stina

“During the backcountry project, we had the chance to discover new experiences in the middle of nature, far away from civilization and the usual tourist places. I have never experienced such silence. Even while camping in the woods, we could hear the ocean.”

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Ein Elefantenjunges hebt den Ruessel in der Wildnis Namibias
Ein afrikansicher Elefant zieht mit seinem Ruessel an dem Gestruepp eines Baumes
Review Volunteering Namibia – Tobias

“I will never forget my time there and I hope that I will be able to take part in the project again.”

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Review Volunteering Australia – Amelie

“On Friday we then planted about 1500 local plants. Tasks like these are definitely fun: you can see the results of your work at the end of the day.”

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Review Private Wilderness Experience Africa – Lara

“I especially remember the great atmosphere of sharing these unique experiences with others and the moments when I held my breath and wondered if this was all a dream or reality.”

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Travel Guide

Travel guide: You pet a lion – you kill a lion

In 2015 around 1.000 lions, bred and raised in captivity, were killed in South Africa – serving the interests of an international multi million dollar industry. Learn more in our blog.

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Travel Guide

Travel guide: Why Natucate does not offer children’s aid projects

A question that is asked frequently. Since the agency was launched in 2013, Natucate decided to not offer any children’s aid projects. In the following lines we would like to explain why.

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Travel Guide

Volun­teering: “Must-knows” when partic­i­pating in volunteer projects with lions

In most cases, lion breeding stations are a cruel business which is only driven by the greed of gain. In our blog article you can receive further information on the ruthless lion breeding industry.

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Project visit Southern Africa: Field Guide Level 1 in South Africa and Botswana

In 2014 Daniel himself took part in our unique Field Guide Level 1 training. In this review you can learn more about his unforgettable time as a guide student

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Travel Guide

Our trips: Animal sightings and wildlife inter­ac­tion

Natucate will never guarantee for various animal sightings when you are traveling with us. Moreover, we strictly stand up against direct wildlife interaction. Learn more in the following blog article.

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Travel Guide

Safari: Frequently asked questions

Before starting your safari adventure in Southern Africa some questions might come up. In our safari FAQ you can find answers to your questions.

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