Gap Years

School's over? Live your gap year adventure in the wild


Gap Years

You have finished school or university and are now between two stages of education? You would like to discover foreign countries, get to know people from all over the world and gain unforgettable experiences? Then a gap year might be what you are looking for!

A gap year is the period between two life stages of a young person and offers the opportunity to take a break and try something new before life starts to get serious. It helps you to become aware of your own wishes and goals, to develop intercultural skills and language skills, to establish contacts and to enrich your CV with valuable experiences.

With Natucate you will experience a year abroad that is all about nature and species conservation, the acquisition of knowledge and the exploration of unique landscapes. Experience your adventure abroad as part of one of our gap year tours – or reach out to us to put together your own individual time-out based on the manifold Natucate portfolio of volunteer projects, nature courses as well as adventure trips. We provide comprehensive advice on design options, financing and planning and always assist you during your time abroad.

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Gap Year with Natucate

School’s over – now what? After successfully graduating from high school many young adults experience a newly gained feeling of freedom. They want to travel, discover the world and gather intercultural experience. Therefore, taking a gap year abroad after high school often is an attractive step, incorporating several benefits. Gap year options are manifold, reaching from voluntary community service to Work and Travel or a round-the-world-trip.
Natucate gives you the chance to experience a year abroad which is entirely influenced by voluntary commitment in nature and species conservation as well as further training in the midst of breathtaking natural landscapes. Become active as a conservation volunteer, disclose nature’s secrets as a research assistant or enjoy an incomparable field guide training surrounded by Africa’s wilderness.
Our blog you receive further information on a gap year with Natucate and learn more about the benefits of a year abroad after high school:

Year abroad with Natucate

Benefits of a gap year

Planning your year abroad

If you made the final decision to spend a year abroad after high school or college, you should soon start organizing your gap year adventure. What would you like to do during your time abroad and what travel preparations do you need to take care of – questions you need to answer soon enough.
Our team at Natucate supports you with all steps and provides you with ideas on how to spend your gap year. Considering your personal interests we create an individual gap year adventure for you and give you useful advice on preparing your big trip. Reach out to us and experience an unforgettable gap year in nature.
In our blog you can find an overview of organizational steps you need to take when planning your year abroad:

Getting prepared for your gap year

How to plan a gap year

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