Kursteilnehmer einer Private Wilderness Experience durchqueren eine Grassavanne im suedlichen Afrika

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  • Spend two weeks in the awe-inspiring Okavango Delta
  • Observe wild animals in their natural habitat
  • Learn about nature and wildlife from experi­enced guides
  • Meet people from all over the world
  • Come closer to nature – and also to yourself


Camp Kwapa
Okavango Delta

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Zwei Gäste unserer Private Wilderness Experience machen eine Pause unter einem Baum auf einer Walking Safari im suedlichen Afrika
Ein beeindruckender Elefant steht im Gebüsch im Okavango Delta und überprüft die Situation
Eine buntgefiederte Gabelracke fliegt los mit blauem Himmel im Hintergrund
Zwei Zebras stehen eng zusammen neben einem Baum in Botswanas Kwapa-Region in einer Savannenlandschaft
Botswanas friedliche Landschaft samt Wasserstelle beim Sonnenuntergang - Die malerische Wildniss des suedlichen Afrikas
Eine Nahaufnahme von Alan McSmith, unserem Freund und langjährigem Hauptguide, im Camp Kwapa
Zwei Afrikanische Büffel, welche aussehen wie dunkle, schwer gebaute Rinder mit aufwärts gebogenen Hörnern, stehen im hohen Gras im Okavango Delta
Dieser gemusterte Vogel ist ein Afrikawiedehopf (Upupa africana) und wird meistens alleine oder in Paaren im südlichen Afrika gesehen.
Reiseteilnehmer einer Private Wilderness Experience starten einen Game Drive in Afrika ins Okavango Delta
Zwei afrikanische Wildhunde liegen gemeinsam Kopf an Kopf und ruhen sich aus
Ein Streifengnu geht durch eine Graslandschaft im suedlichen Afrika mit drei Vögeln auf seinem Rücken
Die Reisegruppe unserer Private Wilderness Experience ist stets unter Anleitung erfahrener Guides
Eine Nahaufnahme des Elefantenrüssels mit den Stoßzähnen und ein weiterer Elefant im Hintergrund
Ein junger männlicher Löwe steht schattig in einem Grasareal im suedlichen Afrika und blickt direkt in die Kamera
Ein sattes, glänzendes, rot-braunes Impala-Männchen steht im offenen Grasland mit seinen schönen, schlanken, geschwungenen, spitzen Hörnern.
Der prunkvolle Sternenhimmel bei Nacht in Botswana

Private Wilderness Experience in Botswana

Experience the incredible landscape of the breathtaking Okavango Delta, observe wild animals in their natural habitat and broaden your personal horizon in an unparalleled way.

Zwei afrikanische Wildhund Welpen spielen gemeinsam in Botswana

Arrival and orien­ta­tion in Botswana

First of all, you fly to Maun Airport. Your flight needs to arrive on the morning of the first tour day. Together with the other participants you will be picked up by Daniel and driven to Camp Kwapa.

There we will meet our fantastic co-organiser and facilitator Alan McSmith. With his years of experience and wealth of knowledge, he always provides unique experiences in the African wilderness.

Alan, einer unserer Hauptguides auf der Private Wilderness Experience, leitet die Reisegruppe an eine Begegnung mit Elefanten heran

Private Wilder­ness Experi­ence with Natucate

Our Private Wilderness Experience is designed to provide you with an ideal combination of unique landscapes, fascinating wildlife sightings and in-depth learning experiences in nature.

A typical day during the tour looks like this: Every morning you will receive a hearty breakfast and then set off for the first excursion of the day. On foot or in an open game drive vehicle, your guide will take you and your group deep into the bush of the spectacular Kwapa region.

Die Reiseteilnehmer der Private Wilderness Experience sind immer in persönlicher, deutschsprachiger Begleitung von Natucate-Gründer Daniel

Together with Daniel he will acquaint you with the secrets of the flora and fauna of the delta, provide you with exciting background knowledge about the animals and plants you spot, introduce you to the art of tracking and discuss essential topics of nature and species conservation.

Around noon, when the hottest time of the day slowly sets in, you make your way back to camp, enjoy lunch together and – after a short siesta – go back into wilderness to collect more unforgettable wildlife memories. At sunset you return to Camp Kwapa and spend a relaxed evening gathering around the campfire.

Ein typisches Safarizelt im Camp Kwapa, Botswana bewohnt von je zwei Reiseteilnehmern

Accom­mo­da­tion in Kwapa

During your time in Botswana you and your group live in Camp Kwapa, located at the heart of the magnificent Okavango Delta. Here you and another participant of the tour share a safari tent with access to its bush bathroom: under the open sky and equipped with a small sink, toilet and bucket shower. Every day you will be provided with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Water, coffee, tea and snacks are also available at all times.

Man spürt die Freude von Reisteilnehmern beim Austausch im Camp Kwapa

Leisure time during the Wilder­ness Experi­ence

You and your group spend most of the day exploring the African wilderness through game drives and walks. After you got back to camp for lunch, you can relax during the siesta: Read a book, relax in camp or sit down with the other participants to share the day's experiences. In the evening there is also time for your own activities.

Private Wilder­ness Experi­ence 2023

We take a look back at the unforgettable moments of our Private Wilderness Experience in Botswana last July in this video.

From the breathtaking sunsets over the Okavango Delta to the up-close encounters with majestic wildlife, this trip was a true adventure of a lifetime.

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    1. Camp Kwapa

    During your wilderness adventure you will enjoy Botswana’s stunning nature and experience the beauty of the private nature reserve south of the Okavango Delta that camp Kwapa is situated in. Every year the Okavango River floods wide areas of the Kalahari Desert and transforms the dry region into an oasis of lush vegetation and unique biodiversity. The region gives visitors the opportunity to observe the manifold fauna and to spot the “Big Five” as well as other animals like cheetahs, wild dogs, rhinos, hippos, giraffes, zebras, wart hogs or impalas. On an area of about 20,000 km² the Okavango River transforms the desert into an exceptional landscape with several lagoons, lakes and swamps. Besides those aqueous habitats also savanna, mopane forests as well as grass-, swamp- and marshlands dominate the landscape of the region.

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  • reiseorte-botswana-okavango-delta-elefanten-natucate
    2. Okavango Delta

    The Okavango Delta in Botswana is without doubt one of the most spectacular natural sites in Southern Africa, if not in the entire world. Covering more than 20,000 km², the fertile oasis in the northwestern part of the country is the largest inland delta of our planet. The mighty UNESCO World Heritage Site is fed by the Okavango River, which once a year floods down from the highlands of Angola into an endless labyrinth of river courses, islands and lagoons. With a visit to the Delta, one of the last natural paradises on earth awaits you, whose awe-inspiring biodiversity will amaze every visitor.

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Background of the Private Wilder­ness Experi­ence

Becoming a part of nature, learning about and from it and thus developing your own personality: Those who decide to take part in a Private Wilderness Experience will experience all that. In the rhythm of nature, your senses work at full speed. In unfamiliar situations you get to know yourself better which strengthens your self-confidence and gives you an incomparable feeling of freedom. Under the guidance of experienced guides and accompanied by Natucate founder Daniel, a trained field guide himself, you will build up your knowledge and become an expert in the wilderness – with the Okavango Delta being a truly unique background scenery.


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