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Become active as a volunteer in real conser­va­tion projects


Volunteer Abroad

Volunteer in nature and species conservation

Going abroad as a volunteer in the field of nature and species conservation proves to be an ideal opportunity to combine the love of nature and the urge for adventure and distant countries with a meaningful activity. Within the framework of projects lasting several weeks, you will make a contribution to the general public, gain valuable experience, learn to take over responsibility and master tasks both independently and as part of a team. You will also get the opportunity to immerse yourself into your host country in an incomparable way.

Volunteering with Natucate

If you want to get involved in nature, species and animal protection, Natucate is your first choice. Conserving pristine natural areas, researching endangered species and protecting animals in need: We offer you the opportunity to help in selected projects where it is needed – in places that are among the most beautiful in the world.

Our volunteer projects

Take a look at our range of volunteer projects and experience an adventure abroad in which you help to conserve natural habitats and endangered species while broadening your personal horizons in an incomparable way. Our team supports you all around your volunteer assignment and provides comprehensive advice on project selection, application process and travel planning.

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Volun­teering with Natucate

Protecting the unique features of our planet is the primary objective of our entire team. That’s why we are extremely happy that you are interested in working on our voluntary projects.

If you are passionate about nature and endangered wildlife conservation, Natucate should be your first port of call. We give you the opportunity to provide help in select projects where it is required, in some of the most beautiful locations on earth.

Our own experience working on volunteer projects has shown us what agencies should do. They should provide outstanding advice and guarantee the authenticity of the projects that they offer. And that’s precisely what we do.

We are experts in volunteer work

In addition to carefully selecting our partner projects, we are committed to providing our customers with wide-ranging advice during their trip. Once you’re back, we will get in contact to find out how you found the project.

Most of us have worked on projects like these ourselves, so we know what’s important and the burning questions that you may have.

We help you with the application process

Our experience in advising volunteers and our strong contacts with local project partners allow us to provide you with all of the information you need to make the best possible preparations for your trip abroad.

Our service includes comprehensive consultations and detailed help with planning your travel. We also have one or two tips about how you can ease the pressure on your travel funds.

Our service doesn't end when you start your journey

Our services don’t stop when you set off on your travels. It is extremely important to us here at Natucate that you have the best possible support on your project and don’t feel like you’ve been left on your own.

That’s why we only work with experienced partners who are experts in their field and can help you.

If you have any problems which can’t be resolved, you can contact us any time by phone or email.

Our project selection

We are committed to carefully selecting our project partners. In most cases, we visit them on site to get to know the people involved and get an impression of the project. We can guarantee the integrity of our partners due to the trusting relationship we have with them.

At Natucate, we review projects to make sure that your passion only benefits nature and species conservation projects which we were able to recommend ourselves.

Unfortunately, the prospect of making a quick and easy profit has tempted several "black sheep" into the voluntary work sector. That’s why we select our projects carefully.

Two unscrupulous business models in particular have been in the news for all the wrong reasons recently:

Petting farms

African lion cub rearing projects are in high demand in Europe, and tempt volunteers to Africa with the promise of helping to rear lion cubs.

These projects tell volunteers that the lions will be released back into the wild at a later time. This has been proven to be impossible if the animals have close contact with people for a long period.

What these projects are really doing is providing animals for canned hunting. Once they’re full-grown, the animals are released into fenced off areas for rich hunters to shoot in their spare time.

We are proud to have been the first German provider to be recommended as an ethical volunteer work agency by the Organisation Campaign Against Canned Hunting (CACH). We believe we have a particular responsibility for selecting project partners as part of our corporate philosophy.

Signing the strict code of conduct is a sign that we are committed to stopping the use of volunteers to further the interests of the line rearing industry in Africa.

Learn more about the "must-knows" when participating in volunteer projects with lions.

Orphanage tourism

Reports have also started emerging of humanitarian projects which are ostensibly devoted to helping orphans.

This leads to infants and young children being bought off their needy families to rouse the sympathy of international volunteers in "orphanages". This is a particular problem in Southeast Asia.

Because it is difficult to get solid facts about humanitarian projects, we are unable to provide proper quality assurance. That’s why we don’t offer them.

In our blog you can learn more about why Natucate does not offer children’s aid projects.

Volun­teering as a special experi­ence

Overseas volunteer work is an exciting alternative to a standard holiday. Your commitment to nature and species conservation opens the door to outdoor experiences in the most beautiful regions on the planet. You will get to know the natural environment up close and personal.

Volunteering will take you out of your comfort zone and challenge you in new ways. As a member of an international team, you will never be on your own. This valuable experience is guaranteed to enrich your life and will stay with you for the rest of your days.

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Getting prepared for your stay abroad as a volunteer

Going abroad to work as a volunteer involves a lot of organisation. This starts with selecting a suitable project, passing the application process and preparing for your travel. We will provide you with help and advice to keep your costs to a minimum.

An overview of the organisational stages is available here, along with tips to help you finance your overseas stay.

How can I find a suitable project?

Getting prepared for your time as a volunteer

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