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Highlights in the USA

Geography of the USA

The 50 states of the USA cover an area of 9,158,960 km², making it 25 times as large as Germany. The country borders Canada to the north and Mexico to the south. This enormous country boasts endless mountain ranges, peaks and mountain chains. A number of rivers wind their way through the land of opportunity. The three Great Lakes, Superior, Huron and Michigan are located in the north-east of the country.

The USA can be divided into seven geographical regions: the Atlantic Plain, Appalachian Highlands, Laurentian Upland, Interior Plains, Rocky Mountains, Great Basin and Pacific Coast. The origins and topography of each region vary significantly. You can admire the beautiful landscapes formed by rivers like the Mississippi or Colorado, or take a hike through the impressive Sierra Nevada, Appalachian and Rocky Mountain ranges.

Das Death Valley ist einer der heissesten Orte der Welt und nahezu komplett trocken.


The Atlantic coast in the east is relatively flat and characterized by beautiful beaches and cliffs. In the southern part of the Atlantic coast the Everglades and the third largest coral reef on earth can be found. The highlands of the Appalachian Mountains run from northern Maine to southern Alabama. With a height of 2.040 m Mount Michel in North Carolina is the highest mountain of the Appalachian Mountains.

The Canadian Shield is located between Lake Superior and the Adirondacks Mountains in the northeast of New York. The inner plain runs along the Mississippi River and the Missouri River. It covers an area which runs from the large lakes in Illinois and Arkansas to the Gulf of Mexico in Louisiana. The inner plain is characterized by agricultural flats. The more than 1.500 km wide Rocky Mountains stretches across the entire North American continent. With 4.396 m Mount Elbert has the highest summit of the Rocky Mountains. In the so-called Great Basin many salt lakes in dry desert regions can be found. The Great Basin also includes the desert of Mojave, the Colorado Plateau and the famous Grand Canyon.

The landscape is mainly formed by the Colorado River. The western border of the Great Basin is Sierra Nevada. Together with the Cascades it is located on the Pacific coast of the country. On the northern part of the Pacific coast the 4000 m high summits of Mount Rainier and Mount St. Helens volcano can be found. In the South Mount Whitney is the highest mountain of Sierra Nevada. It is 4.418 m high.

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Climate in the USA

Due to its size the USA ae located in different climate zones. In the North temperatures are generally lower than in the South. On the seaside the air is more humid than in the center and the seasons are less extreme. The climate on the west coast is much more temperate than on the east coast. The central west (states of Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio) has a quite diverse climate. Temperatures can range from 0 °C to 30 °C. The rainfall rate is quite high, especially between spring and autumn. Besides that Iowa is known as the tornado state. Up to 48 tornados per year occur in this area. The climate in Alaska ranges from continental to subpolar. In Hawaii the temperatures are tropical.

Ein stiller, klarer See bietet eine nahezu makellose Reflexion eines Waldes und eines Berges im Hintergrund
Der Joshua Tree National Park ist fuer seine beeindruckende Pflanzendiversitaet besonders bekannt

Flora and Fauna in the USA

The flora and fauna of the USA is as diverse as its landscapes. On the east coast and along the Sierra Nevada old Sequoia forests can be found. Due to its tropical temperatures the southeast of the country is known for its high biodiversity, but also the state of Alaska is home to some unique animals like dears, polar bears and moose.

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