Our trips: Natucate Code of Conduct

When taking part in our trips, a responsible behaviour is essential – no matter if volunteer project, educational course, internship, adventure travel programme or safari. Take a look at our code of conduct.

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Joining our projects gives you an opportunity to have a unique experience in some of the most beautiful natural landscapes on the planet while supporting local nature and species conservation efforts. We work closely and faithfully with our overseas project partners, and will only provide them with participants who will contribute to the success of their projects on the strength of their responsible behaviour. We have put this code of conduct together so that your time with the project will be a benefit for you, the project itself and nature conservation efforts. You should follow this code of conduct at all times.

Be prepared for your trip

  • Find out about the culture of your destination before you go there.
  • Make sure that you find out about all of the vaccinations and preventative measures that you need well before travelling, and arrange suitable travel insurance. We are happy to help if you have any questions.
  • Please let us and our project partners know in advance about any health issues, allergies or illnesses that you might have so that we can make the necessary arrangements.
  • Respect the instructions of your project manager.

Stick to rules and laws

  • Comply with all relevant rules and laws.
  • Do not do anything which could endanger you or others.
  • Respect the instructions of your project manager.
  • Follow rules about smoking and consuming alcohol.
  • Taking drugs while taking part in our projects is strictly forbidden.
  • Wear clothing which is appropriate for the area.
  • Do not leave any waste behind in the natural environment.

Conduct yourself respectfully

  • Treat the natural habitats in the area and all of their inhabitants with respect.
  • Be open to foreign people and cultures, and always be ready to learn something new.
  • Make it as easy for your team members to live with you as possible.
  • Do not waste natural resources (water, energy, food).
  • Do not buy any products derived from endangered plant or animal species.
  • Support the local economy and avoid imported goods whenever you can.
  • Please ask for permission if you want to photograph people or their possessions.
  • Make every effort to keep things clean and hygienic, particularly in shared accommodation.
  • If you are unsatisfied about something while taking part in a project, please talk to our project partner directly or us. We will then try to find a solution which is satisfactory for everybody as quickly as possible.

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