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  • Help to make a differ­ence in animal welfare
  • Gain insight into the daily opera­tions of an animal sanctuary
  • Gather valuable work experi­ence and skills in animal care
  • Assist in community work and fundraising events
  • Experi­ence the culture and natural beauty of Greece


Attica region in Greece: Palm trees, blue sky and the ocean

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Become a volunteer in the beautiful Attica region in Southern Greece and help take care of cats in need as an animal welfare volunteer.


Arrival and orien­ta­tion in Greece

We recommend booking your flight to Athens International Airport (ATH) which should arrive on the day the project starts. A staff member will pick you up from the airport and take you to the animal shelter in the Kouvaras area, about a 15-min drive from the airport. After arrival at the sanctuary you can settle into your room, get to know your team and receive an overview of the programme and your upcoming tasks. The actual project work either starts on the same or on the following day.


Activ­i­ties in the animal welfare project

As a volunteer in this project, you will become involved with the daily operations of our partner’s cat sanctuary in the Kouvaras region in Greece.

You will work five days per week for a minimum of five hours per day. There are two work shifts during the day. You will start around 8:30am with collecting all the food and water bowls, cleaning them, and refilling them. All volunteers will join in to clean the house from top to bottom, empty out litter boxes, and attend to cats with special medical needs. Once the morning tasks are complete, volunteers can relax and play with the cats, help make cat toys, or paint cat houses. In the evening, the food and water bowls are again collected, cleaned, and refilled.


Part of the volunteers' tasks also include cleaning the outdoor areas of the shelter, taking care of the sanctuary’s garden, and of course, interacting with the cats. Our partner may also include volunteers in fundraising events, assisting with social media, and engaging in community work in schools or kindergartens to raise awareness for animal rights.


One day each week, you will have the opportunity to contribute at the nearby donkey sanctuary and dog rescue shelter. After a brief orientation session, you will be able to lend a hand to the dedicated staff by assisting with various aspects of animal care, including feeding, brushing, walking, cleaning, and providing basic medical care under the supervision of experienced staff.

Last but not least, you may be asked to assist with vet trips, or driving to the airport if a loving new family from abroad is adopting the animal. Our partner seeks flexible, mature, and responsible volunteers who love animals, are willing to roll up their sleeves, and are eager to acquire new knowledge and contribute to the wellbeing of cats in Greece.


Accom­mo­da­tion as a volunteer

Together with other volunteers, you will live in the sanctuary building in the Kouvaras region, a modern and comfortable two-floor family house. There are three bedrooms: You will either stay in a single bedroom downstairs with a private bathroom, in a shared dorm room, or in a single room upstairs (with a shared bathroom).


There is a large living room with couches and a TV, a fully equipped shared kitchen, a patio, balconies, and a laundry room. Our partner will provide groceries for each day so volunteers can prepare their own meals. Moreover, volunteers will have internet access and can use one of the four bicycles to get around the area.
Please note that the cats live freely in the house. Volunteers will most likely be visited by the cats, and they will have one or more cats sleeping with them in their bedrooms. Also, some cats need to be isolated at times due to health reasons and may be staying in the rooms for certain time periods.


Leisure time during cat sanctuary project

You will work five to six hours on a workday which means that there will be enough time left which can be used for your own activities. This will either be in the morning or in the afternoon / evening, depending which shift you are assigned to. We also recommend bringing along some recreational items like books or board/card games. In addition to that, you will have two off-days per week – the perfect opportunity for you to explore beautiful Greece even further. You can go and discover some awe-inspiring historical sites, spend the day at the beach or get to know a few islands. You can also take a public bus to Greek’s impressive capital of Athens, known for its long history, ancient buildings, extraordinary views, bustling streets and wonderful ambiance.


Next to the activities which you plan for yourself, our partner is trying to organise regular excursions for all volunteers to further explore the area. However, this is dependent on the length of your stay, the number of volunteers and sometimes also the weather. You may also receive discounts for cooperating restaurants and some activities depending on the length of your stay. Once you arrive at the project you will receive more information from the staff members.

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  • Attica region in Greece: Palm trees, blue sky and the ocean
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    The Attica region is located on the eastern edge of Central Greece and covers an area of more than 3,800 km².

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Background of the animal welfare project in Greece

Many countries across the planet still struggle to see animals as sentient beings. Our partner in Greece is a non-profit organisation which aims to educate communities about the importance of animals and their well-being.

Among different projects which focus on working together with children and adults to raise awareness for animal rights and welfare, our partner also operates a cat sanctuary in the Kouvaras region, around 40 km southeast of Athens. Neglected, abused or abandoned cats find shelter in the spacious building until they are loving new home through the sanctuary’s adoption programme. As the programme is completely reliant on private funding and donation, national and international volunteers – who help to promote compassion, love, care for animals – are vital for the mission to keep on going.


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