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Safaris, nature courses or volunteering – explore the African wilderness with us.

Nature travel in Africa

Join our nature travel programmes in Southern Africa: Immerse yourself in the breathtaking wilderness and explore the unique animal and plant world accompanied by experienced guides and rangers.

Africa inspires with a magical wealth of facets: breathtakingly beautiful national parks and nature reserves, an endless variety of wild animals including the famous Big Five, vast deserts, rugged coastlines, vibrant cities and cultures steeped in tradition.

A nature tour in Africa allows you to dive deep into the spectacular, biodiverse landscapes and witness the incredible wildlife of elephants, lions, leopards, buffalo and more. Find out more about what your Natucate nature trip in Africa may look like.


Highlights of your nature travel experi­ence in Africa

Witnessing breath­taking nature reserves and national parks
Watching elephants, big cats and other animals in the wild
Experi­encing the exotic flora and fauna up close
Learning about nature and broad­ening your personal horizon

Adventures to get you dreaming

Nature travel in Africa with Natucate

Safari trips, educational tours, field guide training in the middle of the wilderness or a so-called Private Wilderness Experience – below you are given an overview of our nature trips in Africa.

Safari in Southern Africa

A safari is certainly the traditional form of nature travel in Africa.

A safari allows you to experience the natural beauty and biodiversity of the African continent up close and in a variety of ways. Guests can explore the wilderness on foot, in an off-road vehicle, by boat or on horseback, alone, as a couple or as a family.

An experienced guide is always with you to provide exciting background information on the plants and animals of the region. Those who opt for a self-drive safari, on the other hand, explore the breathtaking wilderness on their own.

Our Natucate portfolio includes an overview of our safari tours that take you to fascinating corners in different African countries. In addition, we will create your individual dream safari for you. Simply get in touch with us, tell us about your needs and wants and experience your very own safari adventure.


EcoQuest adventure in South Africa, Botswana and Kenya

An EcoQuest course, often referred to as an introductory field guide course, offers participants the opportunity to get a taste of a game ranger’s work in Africa. Like a safari, it is about exploring the unique fauna and flora, but the educational effect is brought even more into the center of attention.

As an EcoQuest participant, you will set off into the bush every day together with your group and the experienced course leader to learn the secrets of Africa's flora and fauna and to be enriched with valuable background knowledge about the impressive ecosystems.

An additional special feature: the EcoQuest course can also be attended as a family. Within five days, young and old get in touch with the African nature – with the intention of laying the foundation for an awareness of the importance of biodiversity and thus for the appreciation of the habitat that surrounds us.

With Natucate you can experience your EcoQuest adventure in Kenya's spectacular Masai Mara, in South Africa as well as in Botswana.


Educational field courses

Further education is what you are looking for? Then our field courses in Africa might be just right for you! They are particularly designed to impart specialist knowledge and usually focus on a specific area.

Tracking wild animals, bushcraft and survival or ornithology – as a participant in our nature courses you live a life in the rhythm of nature and expand your personal horizons instructed by experienced guides.

Our field courses are not only suitable for Africa enthusiasts longing for an enriching time-out, but also for (prospective) students or trainees who want to gain valuable hands-on experience in an international environment and surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes.

Our field course portfolio gives you an overview of your travel options.


Field guide training in Africa

A very special form of educational nature travel in Africa: a field guide training course.

Those who opt for a game ranger course in South Africa, Botswana or Kenya get the chance to gain in-depth experience in almost untouched natural landscapes and to actively experience and understand the fascinating habitats of Africa.

During your adventure you will immerse yourself in breathtaking national parks and nature reserves, meet people from all over the world, learn from the best guides – both in practice and in theory – and, with a bit of luck, witness unforgettable wildlife encounters.

You will learn to recognize animals by their sounds, to read tracks, to interpret the weather, to handle a rifle and to navigate in unknown terrain. Furthermore, you will be trained to safely introduce safari guests to the African animal world and to act as a skilled mediator between man and nature.

Depending on which of our guide courses you choose, you can take a final exam at the end of the course and receive a certificate recognized by the Field Guides Association of Southern Africa (FGASA). A FGASA certificate acts as an important door opener on your way to becoming a professional safari guide.

The (FGASA) course options range from the 28-day Safari Guide and Apprentice Trails Guide course to the 55-day Apprentice Field Guide training (former Field Guide Level 1) and the one-year Professional Field Guide training.


Private Wilderness Experience

A very special and personal form of nature travel is the annual Private Wilderness Experience, offered and organised exclusively by Natucate.

Our Private Wilderness Experience tour takes place once or twice a year, focuses on Southern Africa and takes a max. of 15 participants to spectacular wildlife areas. A special feature: Natucate founder Daniel, who is a trained field guide himself, is part of the group and shows the travellers the most beautiful and species-rich areas together with a guide from the region.

Find out more about this year's Private Wilderness Experience on our pages on nature and adventure travel.

Natucate nature travel support

You dream of an enriching travel experience in Africa? Get in touch with us, get detailed advice on our range of nature travel programmes and join us on an exploratory journey in the spectacular wilderness.


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