Sichtung eines grasenden Elefanten im Busch in direkter Naehe

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  • Experi­ence a real outdoor adventure in the wilder­ness of South Africa
  • Roam Kruger National Park by foot
  • Discover the fasci­nating fauna of South Africa
  • Spend the nights under Africa’s incom­pa­rable star-spangled sky
  • Meet people from all over the world
  • Broaden your knowledge about wildlife and nature conser­va­tion


Camp Makuleke

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Sichtung eines grasenden Elefanten im Busch in direkter Naehe
Ein kleiner Elefant ueberquert einen Weg im afrikanischen Busch
Spurenlesen-Training anhand eines Abdrucks einer Tatze im Sand als Teil der Rangerausbildung
Ein Guide und seine Rangerauszubildenden wandern bei einer Pirschwanderung durch den Busch
Die angehenden Ranger wandern im Rahmen einer Pirschwanderung durch die trockene Naturlandschaft Afrikas
Aufnahme des afrikanischen Buschs waehrend einer Pirschwanderung des Natur- und Rangerkurses
Sichtung einer Bueffelherde in Afrikas Wildnis bei einem Ausflug des Rangerkurses
Ein Nashorn trabt ueber eine Strasse im afrikanischen Busch

Wilderness Trails adventure in Africa

In this course you can enjoy a fascinating outdoor training surrounded by South Africa’s pristine wilderness and broaden your knowledge about wildlife and nature conservation.

Der Natur- und Rangerkurs macht in der Abendsonne eine Pirschwanderung durch den afrikanischen Busch

Arrival and orien­ta­tion in South Africa

You will arrive in Johannesburg one day before the course starts and spend one night in a hotel in the city. On the next morning you will be picked up and taken to the course site. At the end of the course you will be taken back to Johannesburg to continue your journey or to travel back home.

Sichtung von Wildtieren bei einem Ausflug des Natur- und Rangerkurses in Afrika

Topics of the outdoor adventure in Southern Africa

Over the course of the Wilderness trails skills course you will experience new things, expand on what you already know about the bush and learn how to live and get your bearings in an African natural environment. A professional experience to guide will take you and your group on a hike through the African wilderness, where you will be face-to-face with nature in a way that no book can teach. You will learn how to have as little impact on your environment as possible when setting up camp for the night and building a fire.

Ein Loewe liegt entspannt im Schatten des afrikanischen Buschs

In addition to setting up camp, preparing drinking water will also be one of your regular tasks during the course. You will learn how to get your bearings in a natural environment as a group, along with getting some hands-on experience with navigational tools and equipment for tracking animals. You may even track down the animal which you detected using the equipment. You will also learn how to make a quick assessment of the various situations which you can find yourself in in the wilderness.

Ein Teilnehmer des Natur- und Rangerkurses fotografiert ein Flussbett in Afrikas Wildnis

Accom­mo­da­tion during your stay abroad in Africa

This course is about having a unique experience in a natural environment. This course will take you and your group on foot through the African wilderness, where you will spend the night under the stars. Every evening you will work together to find a suitable location to camp down for the night. You can spend the night at the campfire and will sleep in a sleeping bag on a mat which you will bring yourself. Members of the group will take turns keeping watch at night.

Ein Nashorn trabt ueber eine Strasse im afrikanischen Busch

Leisure time as a partic­i­pant of the wilder­ness course

While the day is filled with activities in the wilderness, the evening hours are free. You can use this time to relax around the campfire and to spend time with your fellow course participants.

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    1. Camp Makuleke

    Camp Makuleke is located in the Pafuri region in the northern part of South Africa's Kruger National Park. A multitude of fascinating wild animals can be observed in this area and impressive areas can be admired.

    If you opt for nature-oriented further education with a stay in Makuleke, you will gain insights into the breathtaking nature of Kruger National Park and if you are lucky you can maybe spot the "Big Five": African elephant, rhino, African buffalo, lion and leopard. Hikes and game drives in open off-road vehicles enable you to experience a superb diversity of flora and fauna – a true enrichment.

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Background of the Wilder­ness Trails course

The course aims at getting you out of your comfort zone and to familiarize you with the secrets of the African wilderness and with a life in the rhythm of nature through wilderness sleepouts and bush walks. No matter if you are a qualified guide or simply a true nature lover: Equipped with everything you need on your back and accompanied by some of the most experienced guides, you explore the region’s diverse animal and plant life within six days and learn more about the art of tracking, low-impact guiding skills and valuable bush skills. This way, you can experience a unique outdoor adventure and are taught about the importance of our natural resources in a fascinating way.


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