Eine Zebraherde auf dem Weg zu einem Wasserloch in der Masai Mara

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  • Enjoy an ideal nature course in Kenya
  • Acquire knowledge about the local nature and current conser­va­tion topics
  • Enjoy a fasci­nating combi­na­tion if game walks, game drives and theory units
  • Discover the Masai Mara wildlife from up close
  • Gain an insight into the Masai culture
  • Be part of an inter­na­tional team


Camp Mara

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Eine Herde von Giraffen und Impalas grasen im Einklang in der Masai Mara
Eine Gruppe von Teilnehmern ist per Pirschwanderung auf dem Weg durch die Masai Mara
Ein Gepard mit seinem gepunkteten Fell haelt Ausschau nach Beutetieren
Eine Elefantenherde zieht im Sonnenaufgang durch die Masai Mara
Eine Nahaufnahme zeigt einen jungen Masai in traditionellen Kleidern
Nahaufnahme eines trinkenden Nilpferds an einem Wasserloch in der Masai Mara
Die steigenden Sonne am Himmel der Masai Mara in den fruehen Morgenstunden
Eine Zebraherde auf dem Weg zu einem Wasserloch in der Masai Mara
Ein grosses Steinhaus dient als Haupthaus und Treffpunkt des Camps in der Masai Mara

EcoQuest adventure in Kenya

As a participant in our EcoQuest course you can discover Kenya’s breathtaking Masai Mara within a short amount of time and acquire new knowledge about the local animal and plant life as well as current conservation issues.

Frontale Nahaufnahme eines Elands in der Masai Mara

Arrival and orien­ta­tion in East Africa

One day before the course starts you will arrive in Nairobi. You will spend the first night in a hostel in the city. The following day you will be picked up from the hostel and taken to the camp, where you will get to know the other course members. You will be brought back to Nairobi at the end of the course. After that, you are free to continue travels or return home.

Ein Wanderer auf dem Weg durch die Steppe der Masai Mara

Activ­i­ties during your educa­tional safari experi­ence

Naturally, the focus of the Kenya EcoQuest course is on practical matters, but theoretical aspects are not neglected. Long-term experienced instructors will teach you about ecology, birding, plant identification as well as astronomy and share their expert knowledge about animal behavior, their tracks and tracking skills.
Life in the Mara is another important aspect covered in the course: the students learn about the fascinating cohabitation of wildlife with communities, their cattle and crops, but also deal with the human-wildlife-conflict between pastoralists and the wildlife competing for space and food.

Ein Loewe ist auf dem Beutezug durch die Steppe

How to plan a safari is an integral part of the course. Moreover, different conservation models involving cattle in wildlife areas are addressed. You and your team also visit community schools and sports amidst the Mara conservancies to get in touch with the local Maasai. The combination between theoretical learning units and excursions in the African bush enables you to experience a unique educational trip and to witness East Africa’s unique beauty at close quarters.

At the end of the course all students receive a certificate of participation.


Accom­mo­da­tion in Kenya's Masai Mara

Together with other students of the course you will live in a Kenyan training centre overlooking the Mara River. Three twin bandas and three bunk bed bandas offer room for 18 people. Each banda has its own shared bathroom. You will be offered three to four meals per day. Power is provided by solar installations; there are plugs in the room as well. At the camp there is also mobile reception, but no wifi.

Ein kleines Zebra mit flauschigem Fell grast auf der Steppe

Leisure time as an EcoQuest partic­i­pant in Kenya

After you got back to the training centre and had dinner together with your team, the night is your own: You can sit around the camp fire and reflect on the day together with the other participants or you can simply enjoy your accommodation, sleep and relax – and sure enough your instructor will arrange sometimes star evenings.

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    1. Camp Mara

    Camp Mara is located on the edge of the Mara River in western Kenya. It evolved from informal community meetings held under an acacia tree in the Enonkishu Sanctuary in the Masai Mara. Surrounded by small Masai communities and excellent wildlife areas, it offers students an ideal base from which to get to know both the impressive nature and the inhabitants of the Masai Mara. Here, in the east of the African continent, you will spend an educational time in harmony with nature and gain an insight into the coexistence as well as into the human-wildlife conflict between pastoralists and farmers and the native wild animals.

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Background of the EcoQuest course in Kenya

Thanks to its natural environment, Kenya provides the perfect habitat for a multitude of animal species. The Masai Mara in the south of Kenya as part of the Serengeti is famous for its astounding numbers of wildlife. That’s why you will have good chances of spotting the Big Five as well as zebras, giraffes, wildebeests, gazelles, hippos, hyenas, crocodiles and many other animal species.

The varied scenery with its “golden” grassy plains and hills, rock formations and gallery forests at the Mara River surely leaves each adventurer in awe. As a participant in this safari course you plunge into the breathtaking nature of Kenya and experience a unique educational trip to East Africa.


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