Your sabbat­ical in nature

Your break from work and everyday routine: Experience a unique career break abroad, go back to nature – and find back to yourself

Your career break in nature: Natucate gives you the chance to experience a break from work which is characterized by volunteer, further education and traveling in untouched natural landscapes. Get in touch with us – and take a career break surrounded by pure wilderness.

You are dreaming of taking a sabbatical which enables you to step away from the daily routine, explore the world, get to know people and culture and gain new impulses? Furthermore, you’d like to do something good or use your break from work for acquiring new knowledge? Natucate creates and organizes individual sabbaticals, focusing on immersing yourself into breathtaking landscapes, personal development in the midst of nature, active contribution to conservation work and/or enjoying further education.

Sabbatical – Taking a career break

A sabbatical is a temporary break from work which may last from several weeks up to a year and even longer. When pressure of work leads to strain and distress, such a break may be a suitable means to prevent health risks: to distance oneself, gather strength and return back to your job full of new energy and motivation – something that not only you but also your employer will benefit from. Especially traveling abroad and voluntary commitment are popular ways to spend a sabbatical. At Natucate we combine these aspects and enable you to experience an unforgettable career break in nature.


Highlights of your sabbat­ical leave with Natucate

Living and learning in the midst of stunning natural landscapes
Gain new strength through the power of nature
Broad­ening your personal horizon and finding your way back to yourself
Taking a meaningful sabbat­ical: through volun­teering and further education

Adventures to get you dreaming

Sabbatical with Natucate

A sabbatical is one of the most popular ways to spend a break from work. Being close to nature means to be able to entirely relax and helps you focus on yourself and grow personally. Natucate offers you diverse sabbatical options which take you back to nature in a very special way.

We provide numerous trips and travel routes which lead you to destinations of impressive natural beauty. At the same time, we always consider your individual interests and requests when creating a sabbatical. At Natucate we make sure to support you with a comprehensive sabbatical service: Step by step we develop your individual career break abroad, accessing our manifold volunteer, educational and travel programmes for your time-out in nature.


Traveling during your sabbatical

Traveling educates and shapes your personality. No matter which travel type you choose and which motivation is decisive for your travel plans – recharging your batteries, cultural exchange or mastering new challenges – during your sabbatical abroad you gather numerous important experiences.

Unforgettable Himalaya trekking in Nepal, horseback riding in Argentina or a safari adventure surrounded by wild animals in Southern Africa – our Natucate portfolio including our specific sabbatical tours offer you a multitude of options to get to know a certain country from up close or to travel different parts of the world. In each case you will experience an unforgettable break from work which you will benefit from career-wise and personally.


Volunteering during your career break

Volunteering during your break of work: If you want to use your sabbatical to give something back and to become involved in meaningful projects you can support fascinating nature and wildlife conservation projects all over the world as a voluntary helper in one of Natucate's volunteer opportunities. Protecting whale sharks in the Maldives, tracking elephants in Namibia, taking care of rescue horses in Canada or conserving pristine environments in Australia and New Zealand – your helping hands will be needed in many places on our planet. During your sabbatical as a volunteer you get the chance to explore magnificent landscapes, meet people from all over the world and gain hands-on experience in environmental protection, animal welfare and species conservation.

Further education during your break from work

You would like to take a sabbatical to broaden your personal horizon and to acquire profound new knowledge while exploring wild and untouched landscapes? Taking part in one of our nature and field guide courses as well as our internships abroad might be a suitable option. Commit yourself to studying nature and experience destinations of incredible beauty and biodiversity – for example as a future field guide in Southern Africa or primatology student in Peru. Immersing yourself into nature helps you distance yourself from smartphone, internet and rush hour and get a break from the stressful job routine. Combine your career break abroad with an amazing learning experience and enjoy your very own sabbatical adventure.

Take your personal time out with Natucate – travel to the last wild places on earth, feel the rhythm of nature, acquire new skills and know-how and find your way back to new energy, and to yourself.


Conscious Travel with Natucate

Supporting real conservation projects worldwide through individual wilderness adventures – our ambitions, our values, our service.