Ein Reiter sitzt auf einem Pferd und posiert fuer die Kamera vor einer Gebirgskette in den Anden

Your trip at a glance


  • Spend eight days in the breath­taking Andes
  • Discover the Patag­onian Cordillera for three days on horseback
  • Spend the nights in Argentina’s backcountry under the star-spangled sky
  • Gain an insight into the Gaucho culture
  • Enjoy relaxing days on a horse ranch in Patagonia
  • Get to know people from all over the world
  • Witness spectac­ular natural landscapes


Eine Herde von Pferden steht weidend auf einer Freiflaeche in Patagonien
Die Aufnahme zeigt das grosse Esszimmer der Ranch
Ein gedeckter Fruehstueckstisch steht auf einer Veranda mit Blick auf die Anden
Eine Herde von Pferden steht auf einer Koppel der Ranch
Ein Reiter holt sein Pferd und das Fohlen von der Koppel der Ranch
Eine Herde von Pferden steht angeleint und gesattelt bereit fuer einen Ausritt
Ein Reiter fuettert sein Pferd im Anschluss an einen Ausritt nahe der Ranch
Ein Fohlen ruht sich auf dem Boden liegend aus, waehrend die Mutter dahinter steht
Die Aufnahme zeigt die gemuetliche Kueche der Pferderanch
Zwei Gaeste sitzen in den Abenddaemmerung um ein Lagerfeuer herum

Horse trekking in Argentina

Joining this fascinating horse trekking excursion into the Patagonian Andes gives you the chance to get an inside glimpse of this raw and wild land and the Argentinian gaucho culture.

Ein Panoramabild zeigt die wunderschoene Landschaft Patagoniens

Arrival and orien­ta­tion in South America

You will fly to Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires. From there you will travel by bus or by plane to the town of Zapala, in Neuquén Province. You will meet your team in Zapala at 10am, from where you will then drive 4 hours into the foothills of the Andes to a place called Buta Mallin. Here you will have a mid-afternoon lunch before you will have your first experience saddling and packing the horses for a 2 1/2 hour ride into the heart of the Estancia where the lodge is located. In the evening, all participants can settle into their cottage or room and relax at the ranch. The following two days you will spend at the ranch enjoying the recreational opportunities.

Eine Gruppe von Teilnehmern reiten entlang einer Allee auf einen Torbogen zu

Activ­i­ties during your horseback riding adventure

On day 4 of your packtrip adventure you and your group will pack up and head out into the Cordillera. The first day will be an all-day ride up to Laguna Negra, a high mountain valley surrounded by jagged peaks, waterfalls, and hanging meadows. You’ll ride about six hours this day – out of the Trocoman River valley, across a high plateau, and down a breathtaking trail into the valley. You will make camp at a gaucho’s puesto and enjoy dinner around the fire ring. The puesto in the Laguna Negra valley is a base camp day for exploring and enjoying.

Ein gesatteltes Pferd steht angeleint auf Gebirgsgeroell mit Blick auf die Anden

After your first night in the midst of Patagonia’s nature you and your group will ride to the end of the valley and up to a ridge to see a spectacular view of the Cordillera stretching to the north and south, and the Chilean volcanoes to the west. On the way back to camp you’ll stop in to visit with the local gauchos who spend their summers in the mountains tending their herds. One cultural highlight: a stop at a twig hut and sip maté tea with these wonderful people. You will spend another evening at the puesto, sitting around the fire ring, enjoying dinner and looking back on what happened during the day.

Eine Ziegenherde streift ueber die Wiesen Patagoniens auf der Suche nach einer geeigneten Futterstelle

The following day you’ll make your way back down to the ranch, following a different trail that takes you along the edge of the Picunleo Valley, experiencing sweeping views up the Trocoman River to the Copahue Volcano. You’ll spend another relaxing evening and following day at the ranch before – on your last day – you ride back to Buta Mallin and drive back to Zapala from where you set off to your journey home or your next destination.

Die Aussenfassade der Ranch ist eine Kombination aus Holz und Stein und liegt mitten im Wald

Accom­mo­da­tion in the Patag­onian Andes

The ranch with its visitor’s lodge is a spectacular place in the unique landscape of Patagonia. It consists of several rustic, but comfortable buildings. There are different options for guests to stay – either attached to the main lodge or spread across the property in separate buildings. There is a two-room-suite with a queen bed, a three-room-apartment as well as a guest house with one double bed and one single bed and a guest room with a queen bed. All of them have private bathrooms.
Hot water for showers is heated in wood-fired hot water heaters. Power is supplied by small hydroelectric turbines. A cook will provide you with daily meals.
During your actual packtrip you will be camping in remote backcountry locations, sleeping on your saddle blanket under the stars or in one of the tents. Please do not expect to have access to email, internet and telephone services. You and your group will be carrying and preparing your own meals..

Die Aufnahme zeigt die gemuetlichen Gaesteschlafzimmer auf der Ranch

Leisure time as a pack trip partic­i­pant in Patagonia

During your days at the ranch you will have loads of leisure time: You can go on a day ride, take part in riverside picnics, and enjoy evenings sipping wine on the patio. Moreover, you have the chance to go fishing in the Trocoman and Picunleo Rivers or swimming in the pool, or simply to relax in the riverside sauna.

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    1. Patagonia

    Patagonia is a region in South America that consists of an Argentine part (in the east) and a Chilean part (in the west). With a size of 766,000 km², the Argentinean part is twice as large as Germany, but has only 1.6 million inhabitants. The region is characterized by a uniquely wild landscape – it stretches over high steppes, river valleys, golden grasslands and rugged rocky landscapes to the heart of the Argentine Cordilleras.

    As part of our nature trip you can discover the breathtaking vastness of this special region on horseback.

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Background of the horseback trip in Argentina

Widen your horizon and get ready for a unique off-the-grid-adventure in the Patagonia. The programme takes place in the precordillera and montane high elevation habitats of the northern Patagonian Andes in the Argentine province of Neuquén. Mountains, forests, and plateaus – the profound and enchanting landscape of Patagonia will take your breath away. The ranch, where you will spend some time before and after your packtrip, is a remote, 100,000-acre guest lodge and working cattle ranch nestled in the foothills of the Patagonian Andes. It is a vast expanse of land, stretching across leagues of high steppes, river valleys, golden grasslands, and jagged cliffs into the heart of the Argentine cordillera. Discover Patagonia and the Andes – Go Natucate!


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