Sabbat­ical: 5 reasons for your time out

Sabbatical – a time off that has a lot of advantages. Not only for employees. In the following, we are going to tell you five good reasons for a career break.

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A sabbatical gives you the chance for a new orientation in a daily routine.

During a longer break you are able to properly think about your current situation and what you would like to achieve.

A holiday is often too short for this – even though, you do have a change of scenery, you are not able to really back away from your everyday life. You might even figure out a whole new direction that you want to pursue in your career and your private life.

Take time for yourself.

On an average work day there is usually not a lot of time for conscious relaxation.

The free time after work is often filled with daily housework or gardening and most times spending time with the kids or the partner is more important than taking a few hours for oneself to read, think or deal with own projects.

A sabbatical gives you the time and opportunity to organize your day more calmly and to consciously take time for yourself, your family, or your interests.


Use your sabbatical to experience something new and to educate yourself.

You might see lots of places and sights on a two-week trip, but you will not be able to get a real feeling for the country and the people.

A sabbatical is completely different: You have loads of time to get to know your new environment, to meet locals, or to go to regions that are not the ones tourists typically visit.

If you are a volunteer or an intern from Natucate, you will be involved in different projects and get the chance to get an insight in the country-specific problems concerning nature conservation, environment and species protection.

Look for the perfect project for your sabbatical in nature or learn more about volunteer work, internships, field and guide courses as well as adventure travel.

Gather new strength during your break.

Weak, burned-out, and empty: Especially with an impending burn-out, a career break can be a good step to prevent the complete state of exhaustion.

Not only a tight workload, continuous overstraining, a stressful atmosphere at the office or bad working conditions are factors that can be exhausting in the long run. Constant dissatisfaction about one’s own working situation and too few demands can just as well lead to weariness and fatigue.

Such a bore-out has similar symptoms as a burn-out: fatigue, frustration, or even depression. Your physical and mental health can benefit a lot from a break in which you have the opportunity to shut down, relax, and recover from your stressful work routine.

Break free from your everyday life and gather new strength to return to your daily life or even improve and transform it.


Your sabbatical can be of interest for your employer.

Everyone knows it – once you have reached a certain work routine, your creativity gets replaced by routine procedures and habits.

In this case a sabbatical may be helpful. By taking some time off employees can clear their mind and gather new motivation and strength.

Moreover, a sabbatical can help prevent sickness and make the employee feel being tied closer to the company. If you think about doing a sabbatical you should come up with ideas on how your work tasks can be completed while you're gone in order to convince your employer.

Here you can learn more about organizing your sabbatical.

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