Gap Year Abroad After School

From volunteering to field guide training to a research internship – spend a meaningful year abroad after school and reconnect with nature

Your meaningful year abroad

Your gap year adventure after school: Join our volunteer programmes, field and guide courses, research internships or adventure trips and spend an unforgettable year abroad in some of the most fascinating places.

School’s over and you are now dreaming of exploring foreign countries and gaining unforgettable, international experiences? Then a gap year might be just right for you!

A gap year is described as the period between two life stages of a young person. It is a perfect opportunity to break out of your daily routine and try something new before life starts getting serious. A gap year may help you to become aware of your goals in life, to develop intercultural competence, to improve your language skills, to establish valuable contacts and to enrich your CV.

Natucate will help you create a year abroad that is all about nature and species conservation, about acquiring new knowledge and exploring awe-inspiring landscapes. Our team provides comprehensive advice and support and always assists you during your adventure abroad. Learn more about your gap year options.


Highlights of your gap year after school

Enjoying a meaningful time in fasci­nating places
Supporting nature and wildlife as a conser­va­tion volunteer
Recon­necting with nature in a field or guide course
Building specialist knowledge as a research intern
Exploring untouched landscapes as an adventure traveller

Adventures to get you dreaming

Gap year abroad – Conservation volunteering

You would like to use your gap year after highschool to give something back and to become involved in meaningful projects? Then support fascinating nature and wildlife conservation projects all over the world as a voluntary helper in one of Natucate's volunteer programmes.

Tracking elephants in Namibia, protecting whale sharks in the Maldives, taking care of rescue horses in Canada or monitoring wild animals in South Africa – many places and projects are in need of your helping hands.

During your time as a volunteer you get the chance to explore untouched landscapes, meet like-minded people from all over the world and gain hands-on experience in species conservation, environmental protection and animal welfare.

Learn more about our volunteer options for your gap year right here.


Gap year abroad – Field and guide training

Broadening your personal horizon and acquiring profound new knowledge while exploring some of the most beautiful landscapes? A field or guide course amidst awe-inspiring nature is suitable for anyone who wants to witness meaningful moments in the wild and actively experience our world’s fascinating habitats.

The wide range of Natucate's training and research courses is aimed at outdoor enthusiasts of all ages who are eager to learn and acquire new know-how. During your gap year you can enjoy training as a certified field guide in the wilderness of Southern Africa, learn the art of wildlife tracking or explore the primates of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest in their natural habitat. Experienced guides and scientists are always there to support you and to provide you with their expert knowledge.

Learn more about our field and game ranger course options right here.


Gap year abroad – Research internship

You are interested in a "green" profession and would like to gain practical experience in the field of species and nature conservation? Use your gap year after school to join a conservation internship abroad!

There are many reasons for an internship abroad during your gap year: you can collect professional experience in an international environment, improve your foreign language skills, acquire intercultural competences as well as acquisition of new working methods and perspectives.

Our conservation internships abroad give you the chance to become involved in researching and protecting fascinating and often-times endangered species. Conservation internships are offered in many parts of the world, from North and South America to Africa.

Your gap year as an intern – learn more about the options right here.


Gap year abroad – Nature and adventure travel

Travelling educates and shapes your personality. Immersing yourself into unknown places, cultural exchange and mastering new challenges during your gap year after school will definitely help you collect a variety of enriching experiences.

Himalaya trekking in Nepal and Bhutan or a safari adventure surrounded by wild animals in Southern Africa – our Natucate portfolio offers you a multitude of gap year options to get to know a certain country from up close or to travel different parts of the world.

In each case you will experience an unforgettable year abroad after school which will benefit you career-wise and personally.

Learn more about our nature and adventure trips for your gap year abroad after school.


Gap year support from Natucate

Natucate helps you experience an unforgettable gap year abroad surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Booking your gap year after school through Natucate guarantees expert advice, quality care and several travel law advantages. Reach out to our team and start your gap year adventure with us!


Conscious Travel with Natucate

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