Ein leerer Gelaendewagen steht am Rand der Steppe bei Sonnenuntergang

Your trip at a glance


  • Spend two weeks in the wilder­ness of South Africa and Botswana
  • Observe wild animals in their natural habitat
  • Acquire valuable natural knowledge by experi­enced guides
  • Meet people from all over the world
  • Come closer to nature – and also to yourself


Camp Makuleke
Eine Gruppe von Teilnehmern sitzt auf einem erhoehten Felsenberg, um so per Fernglas Ausschau halten zu koennen
Ein leerer Gelaendewagen steht am Rand der Steppe bei Sonnenuntergang
Drei Teilnehmer stehen auf einem Felsen in der Steppe bei Sonnenuntergang
Eine Reihe von Teilnehmern wandert bei Sonnenaufgang per Pirschwanderung durch die Steppe
Nahaufnahme eines Giraffenkopfes, auf welchem zwei Totschnabel-Madenhacker sitzen
Eine Gruppe von Teilnehmern halten per Fernglaesern Ausschau nach Tieren
Eine Gruppe von Teilnehmern beobachtet eine Herde von Elefanten auf dem Weg zu einem Wasserloch
Ein Zwergspint sitzt auf einem Ast in der Steppe

Go on a Private Wilderness Experience

As a participant of our Private Wilderness Experience you have the opportunity to experience your very own nature adventure combined with personal development in the wilderness of Southern Africa.

Die Teilnehmer lassen den Tag mit lustigen Gespraechen am Lagerfeuer Revue passieren

Arrival and orien­ta­tion in Southern Africa

First you fly to Johannesburg Airport. Please make sure to arrive in the city one day before the tour starts. The following night you will spend in a guest accommodation (booked by you) from where you will be picked up the next day and will start the way to the first camp together with the other participants.

Eine Geparden Mutter liegt mit ihren zwei kleinen Jungen in der Steppe

Private Wilder­ness Experi­ence in Southern Africa

Our Private Wilderness Experience is designed to provide you with a perfect combination of picturesque landscapes, fascinating wildlife sightings and in-depth learning experiences in nature.

Every morning, after a small breakfast, you and your group set off on the first excursion of the day. On foot or in an off-road vehicle, this excursion takes you deep into the bush of Southern Africa; you will always be accompanied by an experienced guide. It will acquaint you with the secrets of the native flora and fauna, provide you with valuable background knowledge on the animals and plants you have seen, introduce you to the art of track reading and introduce you to essential nature and species conservation issues affecting the region.

Eine Giraffe steht umringt von einer Herde Impalas in der Steppe

At lunchtime you will return to camp and, after a short siesta, you will return to nature and collect more unforgettable wilderness memories. At sunset you return to the camp and let the evening hours end gathering around the campfire light.

The camp change during the trip gives you the exciting opportunity to get to know different landscapes and ecosystems better.

Eine Herde von Elefanten wandert an einem Safari-Wagen vorbei durch die Steppe

Accom­mo­da­tion in Botswana and South Africa

In Botswana, you live in a non-fenced wilderness camp. In South Africa, you live in Camp Makuleke. In Makuleke, you share a stilt house with another participant, which has its own bathroom with shower, washbasin and toilet. In Botswana, you will be accommodated with another participant in a dome tent and use shared bathrooms. Every day you will be provided with three meals consisting of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Water, tea, coffee and snacks are also available at all times.

Eine Gruppe von Teilnehmern beobachtet eine Herde von Elefanten auf dem Weg zu einem Wasserloch

Leisure time during the nature trip

Most of the day you and your group will be on game drives or game walks in the African wilderness. At lunchtime you return to camp and can arrange your own siesta until the afternoon excursion: Read a book, relax in camp or spend time with the other participants. In the evening, there is also time for your own activities.

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“This Private Wilderness Experience was actually my first “group tour”. It was fantastic.”

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“Everyone has put a lot of personal effort into making the most of our experience. Honest enthusiasm from the team. Very warm-hearted. Simply great.”

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“I really loved being in the wild! The soundscape in the day and particularly at night is just incredible – everyone should experience or rather be able to listen to that at least once in a lifetime.”

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    1. Camp Makuleke

    Camp Makuleke is located in the Pafuri region in the northern part of South Africa's Kruger National Park. A multitude of fascinating wild animals can be observed in this area and impressive areas can be admired.

    If you opt for nature-oriented further education with a stay in Makuleke, you will gain insights into the breathtaking nature of Kruger National Park and if you are lucky you can maybe spot the "Big Five": African elephant, rhino, African buffalo, lion and leopard. Hikes and game drives in open off-road vehicles enable you to experience a superb diversity of flora and fauna – a true enrichment.

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Background of the Private Wilder­ness Experi­ence

Becoming a part of nature, learning about it and from it and thus causing further development of your own personality: If you decide to go for a Wilderness Experience, that's exactly what you'll experience. Your senses work at full speed in the rhythm of nature. In unfamiliar situations you get to know yourself better, which strengthens your self-confidence and gives you an incomparable feeling of freedom. Under the guidance of experienced guides, you will further your education and become an expert in wild nature yourself.


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