Ein Nektarvogel sucht in den Blueten der Pflanzen nach seiner Nahrung

Your trip at a glance


  • Be part of a unique photog­raphy workshop in the midst of the Amazon rainforest
  • Gain the knowledge of a true wildlife photog­ra­pher
  • Be instructed by an experi­enced photog­ra­pher and naturalist
  • Acquire skills in species identi­fi­ca­tion and rainforest naviga­tion
  • Immerse yourself into the fasci­nating depths of the Peruvian rainforest


Amazon Rainforest
Ein Kaiserschnurrbarttamarin huscht durch den Regenwald Perus
Zwei Teilnehmer entdecken des peruanischen Regenwald
Ein bunter Vogel sitzt auf einem Baum im Regenwald Perus
Ein Klammeraffe mit seinem Nachwuchs aud dem Ruecken
Primaten bewohnen de grossteil des peruanischen Regenwaldes
Die Vogelwelt Perus beheimatet einige exotische Exemplare
Ein Teilnehmer versucht die Regenwald szene mit seiner Kamera fest zu halten
Der Regenwald Perus beheimatet eine Vielzahl an Voegeln

Wildlife photography in Peru

As a participant in our photography course in the Peruvian jungle you acquire important wildlife photography knowledge and become familiar with essential techniques in animal observation, species identification and rainforest navigation.

Eine Holzplattform bietet eine tolle Aussicht fuer viele der Teilnehmer

Arrival and orien­ta­tion in the Amazon rainforest

After arriving at Puerto Maldonado International Airport, you will be met by an employee. You will spend the first night in a hostel in Puerto Maldonado before you travel to Laberinto the next day. Here, you will board a boat that takes you, on Madre de Dios River, to your accommodation, a research station in the middle of the jungle.

Die Rufe der Bruellaffen sind durch den ganzen regenwald des Amazonas zu hoeren

Course topics: Rainforest and wildlife photog­raphy

The following days you will get the opportunity to explore the fascinating flora and fauna of the Amazon rainforest from up close. Your days in the Peruvian jungle are defined by numerous highlights: You will learn how to navigate in the jungle, how to read tracks properly and how to monitor animals of the rainforest. You will explore a range of microhabitats such as swamps, lakes and different woodlands, participate in nocturnal hikes and practice to capture the amazing avian diversity of that region. The overarching focus: the acquisition of advanced wildlife photography skills. The untouched nature and amazing biodiversity of the Amazon Region is a photographer’s dream come true.

Die Vogelwelt Perus beheimatet einige exotische Exemplare

An experienced nature photographer and research scientist supervises you and your team the entire time, leads you into the depths of the Peruvian jungle and provides you with essential knowledge. The workshop does not aim at teaching you how to be a better nature photographer, but also to provide you with valuable knowledge concerning the objects that you have in front of your camera lens. At the end, you will be able to use your images to tell stories about the complex tropical ecology of the Amazon Basin.

Die Unterkunft der Teilnehmer ist eine Huette im Regenwald Perus

Accom­mo­da­tion during your stay abroad in Peru

During the workshop you will be accommodated in a research station, located in the Amazon rainforest at the foot of the Southern Andes of Peru. You will spend a night in a hotel in Puerto Maldonado before arriving at/leaving the station. During your hotel stay you are in charge for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
In the station, you are either accommodated in shared rooms with a communal bathroom, in a double room with en suite facilities or in a double room in a single house with its own bathroom. During the day you are provided with three meals.

Auf einer Bottsfahrt ueber den Amazonas kann man so einiges erleben

Leisure time as a student in South America

In between there is always time for own activities. We recommend you bringing some movies, TV series and books. Relax together with other course participants or simply enjoy the surrounding nature.

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    1. Amazon Rainforest

    About 13% of the approximately 5,500,000 km² Amazon rainforest is located in Peru. As in other countries in South America where the Amazon rainforest is found, the Amazon rainforest in Peru is a real biodiversity hotspot due to its many endemic animal and plant species.

    The avifauna in particular is one of the richest in species worldwide. With over 1800 species, more birds live here than in Europe and North America together. But also large numbers of insects, reptiles and mammals can be found in the green depths and make the jungle of Peru an absolute must-see for all South American travellers and nature lovers.

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Background of the photo workshop in Peru

In the colourful and multifaceted rainforests of the Peruvian Amazon region various animal will run across your lens. Experience highlights such as nocturnal hikes, river journeys and the climbing of trees and feel the fascination of the flora and fauna of the Amazon. A workshop that combines education, adventure and an experience of nature.


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