Field and Guide courses: Inspi­ra­tion for your profes­sional future

Participating in one of our field and guide courses may also provide inspiration for your professional career. Learn more in the following blog

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Are you just about to finish school? Maybe you’re taking a break from university and aren’t quite sure what to do afterwards? Perhaps you are interested in working in nature or the environment in future? The educational courses provided by Natucate are the best possible way to find out more about natural habitats and get an unforgettable impression of what a “green job” involves. We provide a variety of multiweek courses which you can use as an introduction during the holidays or after finishing school.

Internship and credit points

If you are a student in a relevant field, you can use our field and guide courses as an internship. Some universities also recognize the Field Guide Level 1 training course as part of your studies and will provide credit points. We recommend contacting the relevant office at your university to find out exactly how they view these courses. We can also help you if you like.


From theory to practice

Are you already working in a field related to nature or the environment? Then a field or guide course is an excellent way to take a break from your everyday routine. The unique backdrop at the heart of the natural environment provides an opportunity to swap theory for practice and expand on your existing practical experience.

You can also adapt to the pace of the natural environment and recover from the day-to-day hustle and bustle. Field and guide courses are also suitable for anybody who is looking for a career change and who wants to find out what it’s like to work in the field. Our field guide courses in Africa provide particularly exciting training opportunities.

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