Wilderness Experience Educational Trekking Adventure in Nepal

Exploring the Himalaya on foot

Outdoor adventure of educational nature

Participate in an unforgettable trekking-adventure and get to know the magic of the stunning Himalayan mountain region of Nepal. After a short sightseeing trip in the capital city Kathmandu, you and your group will start your trip into Nepal’s incredible natural environment walking in the most fascinating mountain setting. Together with your guides you will ascend to higher regions every day and immerse yourself in the impressive Himalaya. Every day your camp will be set up for you in another region and you will be able to enjoy a stunning view over a truly impressive landscape. Along with your guides an experienced conservationist will accompany your group and give you fascinating background knowledge about specific nature and conservation issues in the country during the trekking units. Discover lush green valleys, majestic summits and the beautiful Himalayan mountain range to return home with unforgettable memories and valuable new knowledge.

The Himalaya – the highest mountain range worldwide! Its expansion is massive, in its widths as well as in its length. With 8,848 m Mount Everest is the highest mountain worldwide and is situated in the imposing Himalayan region along with the other 8000 metre peaks of Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, Manaslu, Cho-Yu, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and Makalu. The impressive mountain setting with its snow-covered glaciers, beautiful valleys and rough winds set the perfect scenery for your outdoor adventure in South Asia.

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  • Placement in the course
  • Transfer from end point of trekking trip to Kathmandu
  • Assistance with travel arrangements
  • Souvenir kit bag
 of our partner
  • Assistance with selecting travel insurance
  • Accommodation in tents during the course
  • Assistance with booking flights
  • All meals during the course
  • Pre-departure information pack
  • Daily nature lectures by a professional conservationist
  • Airport pick up and drop off
  • English speaking support by long-term experienced staff
  • Guesthouse stay in Kathmandu incl. breakfast
  • Porters to carry all personal and group equipment and porter’s insurance
  • Sightseeing in Kathmandu inkl. site entry fees
  • All park entrance fees and trekking permits

  • Transfer from Kathmandu to starting point of trekking trip
  • 24/7 support throughout the course

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  • Flights
  • Bottled water, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages
  • Travel insurance
  • Tips
  • Visa fees
  • Personal expenses and optional excursions
  • Lunch and dinner in Kathmandu

Trekking tour in Nepal

Start DateDurationCostNATUCATE-ID W.NP-001
13 Days 2.250 €

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To participate in this Wilderness Experience you need to be at least 18 years old and have a basic level of English skills to understand your guide’s instructions. Moreover, it is important for you to be physically fit and in good condition. To make sure that this tour with its exhausting daily hikes of several hours in an unusual climate and high altitude is not too much for you, we need a doctor’s certificate that confirms your good health. You should also consult your doctor concerning standard vaccinations that might need refreshment or that can be recommended during your tour. Make sure that your tetanus vaccination is up to date. In the end you also need a travel health insurance before departing to Nepal. Besides that, you don’t need special previous knowledge or certain skills to go on this trekking-tour. It is very important that you are eager to get out of big cities and enjoy outdoor-activities as well as regular hikes on unpaved paths.

Details Trekking adventure in Nepal


Explore the Himalaya

You will arrive at the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu to be picked up by a transportation service that will be organized by our project partners. In Kathmandu you will be brought to a guesthouse where you will spend the night. In the guesthouse will be accommodated in a double room with an en-suite bathroom that you will share with another participant. On the following day you will get to know Kathmandu on a sightseeing tour that will be organized by our project partners. The afternoon you will spend preparing for your trekking tour: First of all, there will be an equipment check to make sure you start the trek well-prepared. After that you will get to the conservationist, who is going to accompany you and your group during your Himalaya adventure and share his knowledge about nature and environment with you. As part of an evening lecture after the equipment check he will familiarise you with different conservation issues in Nepal, such as the history of conservation and its increasing urgency in the recent years, the flora and fauna of Nepal and the challenges of conservation around those or the issue of climate change and its effect on the natural environment and the people in Nepal.


Your trekking tour in the Himalayan region will start on the morning of the third day. With a bus you will go from Kathmandu to Chautara in central Nepal where your tour begins. After your first walk of roughly three hours you will reach your first camp site near the village Sano Okreni. Following a nourishing dinner, a good night’s sleep in your tent and a hearty breakfast you and your group will start your ascending daytrip to Kami Kharka and follow hiking paths that will lead you along houses of local farmers, through old rhododendron and pine forests to your camp site. On the following days you will walk in the morning and the afternoon to even higher altitudes in 4 to 6 hours every day. During your tour you will pass the stations Pauwa Bhanjyang, Hille Bhanjyang as well as Nasim Pati and will be able to immerse yourself in this incredible landscape with its numerous mountains and valleys as well as the extraordinary nature of Nepal. In an altitude of over 4,000m your trekking tour will hit the peak at the amazing setting of Panch Pokhari with its five beautiful lakes– a sacred place for Hindu people. After a refreshing day off in this region, that gives you the opportunity to explore your surroundings, you will start your 2-day-descend to Bhothang. Once you have reached the village, you will take a bus to Kathmandu that will take round about seven hours. After another night in the city, you will start your departure from the international airport.


During your trekking tour experienced guides will lead you and project employees will support you with carrying your luggage. Your day will start between 6 and 7am in the morning. After your breakfast you will pack up your equipment and give it to the responsible staff member. Once you had your breakfast (round about two hours after you got up) you will start your morning walk. After a two-hour lunchbreak from 11am to 1pm, you will go on your second walk in the afternoon. The new camp site will be reached at around 4pm every day. Once the camp is set up, you will have time for some coffee or tea, do some washing, spend a few hours with your team or explore your surroundings. Dinner will be ready at around 6 or 7pm. Since a professional conservationist is going to accompany you and your group your trekking tour is of special educational nature: During your daily hikes you regularly get the opportunity to broaden your knowledge about Nepal’s nature and to learn more about the country’s flora and fauna as well as conservation issues being of great importance for Nepal.

Course subjects

Stops during your trip

  • Day 1: ARRIVAL in Kathmandu (altitude:1,340m), transfer to the guesthouse, time in Kathmandu
  • Day 2: Stay in Kathmandu including sightseeing tour and equipment check
  • Day 3: 3-4 hours drive from Kathmandu to Chautara, 3-4 hours walk to the camp at Sano Okreni (2,040m)
  • Day 4: 5 hours walk to Kami Kharka (3,040)
  • Day 5: 5-6 hours walk to Pauwa Bhanjyang (3,250m)
  • Day 6: 4-5 hours walk to Hille Bhanjyang (3,490m)
  • Day 7: Rest day exploring the area.
  • Day 8: 3-4 hours walk to Nasim Pati (3,640)
  • Day 9: 4 hours walk to Panch Pokhari (4,045m)
  • Day 10: Rest day, exploring the area.
  • Day 11: Walk to the Kharaka
  • Day 12: Walk to Bhothang (1,785m) and 6-7 hours drive back to Kathmandu
  • Day 13: Departure


After your arrival at the airport in Kathmandu, you spend your first night in a guesthouse in Nepal’s capital city Kathmandu. There you will share a room with another participant and use an en-suite bathroom. In the guesthouse you can also use the WiFi and will be served breakfast in the morning. You will be responsible for your lunch and dinner during your time in Kathmandu. You will easily find a good and delicious meal for a small amount of money.

During your trekking tour your camp will be set up for you at another site in the Himalayan mountain region every day. You will sleep in a tent surrounded by an impressive mountain setting. Every day breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner will be prepared and served to you. Meals contain a lot of Nepali dishes but can also include Pizza or Pasta sometimes. Also a vegetarian diet is possible. In your time on the trekking tour, you will not have access to internet and cell phone reception is generally also not available. To contact family and friends Kathmandu will be a good place.


Everybody interested in a Wilderness Experience abroad should be able to adjust to entirely unfamiliar standards of living in their future host country. Therefore, we would like to point out the importance of being flexible and adaptable regarding the accommodation and sanitary facilities provided by the project. Those are very basic and – depending on the project – cannot be compared to European standards. The equipment and furnishings are limited to a minimum; air conditioning is not available. Depending on your host country occasional power blackouts or water outages are quite common. Please contact us if you have further questions about your accommodation. We are pleased to provide you with comprehensive information since we would like you to feel entirely prepared for your time abroad.

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