Ein Grizzlybär auf offener Wiese vor Waldrand

Your trip at a glance


  • Discover Canada’s fasci­nating fauna in their natural habitat
  • Acquire valuable knowledge about the local wildlife
  • Live on a Western ranch in British Columbia’s pristine nature
  • Meet people from all over the world
  • Experi­ence breath­taking natural landscapes


British Columbia
Eine Herde von Dickhornschafen klettert durch das Gebirge
Panoramablick entlang einer verschneiten Gebirgskette mit Vegetationsgrenze und einem grossen See
Ein Adler sitzt auf einem Nadelbaum und haelt Ausschau nach Beutetieren
Nahaufnahme eines Rehkitz mit flauschigem geflecktem Fell
Ein Grizzlybär auf offener Wiese vor Waldrand
Panoramablick auf einen Nadelwald mit einer angrenzenden Gebirgskette
Ein Wolf steht allein im Schnee im Wald

Animal tracking in Canada's wilderness

When joining this course you get to know Canada’s untouched nature through the eyes of its wild animals and experience an unforgettable outdoor adventure surrounded incomparable landscapes.

Nahaufnahme eines fressenden Wildtieres im Dickicht

Arrival and orien­ta­tion in British Columbia

You first of all book a flight to Vancouver International Airport and spend a night in a local hostel. The next morning, an Express Shuttle takes you from Vancouver to your accommodation: a ranch, located a few hours north of Vancouver amidst the untouched wilderness of southwest British Columbia. After you had lunch on the ranch, you get an overview of the route and of your upcoming tracking adventure.

Ein Wolfsrudel schart sich um zwei Wolfsjunge

Activ­i­ties as a wildlife tracker in North America

Your day of arrival as well as the other days of your wildlife tracking trip are characterized by excursions to the 5000 square kilometers large wilderness area that surrounds the ranch to track and watch – depending on your chosen focus – cougars, wolves, California Bighorn Sheep, mountain goats, grizzly bears, moose, black bears, eagles, or other birds. After your breakfast, you spend several hours in nature every day and return to the ranch in the evening to eat dinner together. During your daily trips your guide teaches you essential knowledge about every animal, its way of life, habitat, instincts, and adaptive behaviour. You also learn to track down leads that point to a former animal activity and you get acquainted with favourable viewing conditions. Your guide always tries to offer you unique sightings and thus leads you to the best lookouts. After a concluding tracking expedition and a joint farewell lunch you make your way home on your last course day.

Ausblick auf eine Pferderanch mit Anwesen inmitten eines dichten Waldes

Accom­mo­da­tion during your nature trip in Canada

You and the other course participants live together on a horse and guest ranch amidst the wild nature of southwest British Columbia. It is a perfect wildlife area with an impressive variety of wild animals and habitats.
On the ranch itself you have the opportunity to get a room with others or a single room with your own bathroom. You are provided with three meals per day: breakfast and dinner are served on the ranch, while you get lunch during your daily expeditions.

Weisses Pferd vor einer Pferderanch an der Waldgrenze

Leisure time as an adven­turer in British Columbia

During the day you and your group will explore Canada’s fascinating wildlife. The evening hours can often be used for own activities, though: the ranch has an own library, and you can also use deck chairs to relax in the large garden.

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    1. British Columbia

    British Columbia is a Canadian province located on the Pacific coast between Canada's provinces of Yukon and Alberta and the United States. Vancouver is the largest city and at the same time the largest economic centre.

    First and foremost, forests dominate the 944,735 km² of British Columbia. The abundance of species that can be found here attracts countless travellers every year. Bears, elks, bobcats, wolves, pumas and lots of other wildlife can be seen with a bit of luck in the midst of the breathtaking wilderness – the perfect destination for every nature and outdoor enthusiast.
    British Columbia's pristine natural landscapes will be your home during your educational adventure in Canada.

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Background of the wildlife tracking course in Canada

Canada – second largest country in the world and famous for its huge and untouched nature areas. Thanks to the variety of landscapes and different vegetation zones, Canada is also home to many wild animals like moose, caribous, wapitis, various kinds of bears, wolves, arctic foxes, and many other animals. The breathtaking flora and fauna is perfect for an unforgettable training adventure in the North American wilderness.


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