Volun­teering: Why do I have to pay to volunteer?

People are occasionally confused about why they have to pay money to work. This may well sound like a contradiction in terms, but there is a simple explanation.

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Conservation work costs money

The projects have to employ professionals who work full-time and provide volunteers with guidance. A lot of projects are run in remote regions, which makes it extremely expensive to supply them with food, power, water, etc. Sometimes, the nearest supermarket might be several kilometres away. Transport during a project and providing equipment also cost money.

The majority of the projects which Natucate acts as an agency for have to use international volunteers because they receive no financial support from the state. The help and financial contribution of these volunteers contribute significantly to the success and continued existence of these projects.


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Many charitable projects turn to professional agencies like Natucate to get voluntary helpers so that they can focus on their day-to-day business. We provide a platform which volunteers can use to see what products are available.

We will discuss the details of the project and your responsibilities so that we can avoid misunderstandings and take your wishes and interests into consideration. The application process for several projects involves making sure that participants meet the necessary requirements.

Having committed employees is the only way for the projects to work effectively for nature and species conservation purposes. Our services will help you to hurdle all of the obstacles in the way of you going on your adventure.

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