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In our section "Natucate on tour" we would like to share the impressions we gained from our visits to our project partners on site. Learn more


By having a trusting relationship with our partners we are able to recommend their projects to our students in good conscience. In most cases, this relationship results from visits on site in order to get to know them personally and to see how the projects and courses operate. We would like to share these experiences and impressions of our visits with you in our new section “Natucate on tour” in which we are going to give you a concluding review and critically reflect on aspects like arrival, accommodation, and project schedule. With this transparent examination of the projects we want to give you a deeper insight and more background knowledge and thus help you find your perfect project.


Natucate sends people of any age, who don’t want to go on an ordinary holiday, all around the world to experience it in a different, non-touristy way. Being part of nature and species conservation projects carefully chosen by us allows for adventure combined with nature-orientated education and furthermore lets you support meaningful work for the protection of biodiversity.

However, we have to point out that participating in a volunteer project for several weeks, especially in the shorter ones, does not result in “saving the world”. It is important for us to emphasize that Natucate does not want to give this impression. Claiming that you are able to save a whole species in the course of a single volunteering project would simply not be true. Support in smaller form is very well possible, though: in our opinion, a volunteer is an important part of the bigger picture. Each seemingly small part goes together with the contributions of other volunteers in order to reach a greater goal together.


In the end, working as a volunteer also serves yourself: enlarging your store of knowledge, expanding your own competences, and gaining new perspectives.

By visiting our projects on site we not only want to check the integrity of our partners but also make sure that the deployment as a volunteer has a benefit for both sides – the project and the participant.

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