Your trip at a glance


  • Explore the magnif­i­cent biodi­ver­sity of South Luangwa and Lower Zambezi National Park
  • Experi­ence walking safaris in South Luangwa National Park – they belong to the best in Africa
  • Come close to the rich flora and fauna as part of boat and canoe trips
  • Enjoy the comfort of luxurious safari camps
  • Watch wild animals directly from your tent patio
  • Gain a little insight into the original Africa


South Luangwa National Park
Time and Tide Bush Camps
Lower Zambezi National Park
Time and Tide Chongwe Camp

Your safari in southeast Zambia

This eleven-day private safari takes you on daily game drives and bush walks to explore the landscapes and biodiversity of Zambia's two breathtaking nature reserves: South Luangwa and Lower Zambezi National Park.


Arrival and orien­ta­tion in Zambia

First of all, you will travel to Zambia's capital Lusaka where you will be greeted upon your arrival at the airport and provided with further assistance and information for your immediate onward flight to Mfuwe Airport. Once there, you will be picked up and taken to your first accommodation: one of the five luxurious Time + Tide bush camps which will accommodate their guests in highly comfortable and spacious safari tents including an attached bathroom. Shortly before departure it will be decided in which of these camps, which are all located in beautiful South Luangwa National Park, you will spend the first week of your safari. If there’s enough time left, you can join a first game drive into the wilderness of South Luangwa National Park.


Activ­i­ties during the safari trip in Zambia

One activity in the morning and one activity in the afternoon usually make up a typical safari day. Usually it is a game drive in an open vehicle or a walking safari through the wild natural landscapes of the region.

Since the majority of the animals are most active in the early morning hours and thus the chance of fascinating sightings is best, you set off to the first activity at sunrise. On a game drive, a foot safari or even by boat, your guide will show you the breathtaking natural landscapes of Southern Luangwa and Lower Zambezi National Park. Both parks are home to an abundance of wildlife. So with a little bit of luck animals like lions, buffalos, elephants, leopards, giraffes, hippos, antelopes and even wild dogs will cross your path. But also the fascinating flora as well as the incredibly species-rich bird life will certainly amaze you.


Around lunch time, the hottest time of the day, you will start your way back to camp as most of the animals now retreat to a more secluded, cooler place. Back at camp you will have lunch, gather new strength during the following siesta and finally leave for the second activity in the afternoon. After certainly more unforgettable animal sightings you will return to camp in the evening and have dinner together. But perhaps you will also decide in favour of a night drive: A game drive after sunset enables you to discover nocturnal wildlife which can only be rarely observed in the day.


Accom­mo­da­tion on the camping safari in Zambia

One of the five Time + Tide camps, set up in South Luangwa National Park, and the Time + Tide Chongwe Camp in Lower Zambezi National Park are the accommodations for your camping safari. All Time + Tide camps have highly comfortable and spacious safari tents with en-suite bathrooms. In each of the camps, safari guests are offered incomparable views of unfolding river or savannah landscapes. Wildlife observations can often be made directly from the tent. Meals are included in the South Luangwa Time + Tide camps; drinks must be purchased separately.


The Time + Tide Chongwe Camp is located at the junction of Chongwe and the Zambezi River at the gates of the Lower Zambezi National Park. The luxurious safari tents, all equipped with en-suite bathroom, offer guests a magnificent view of the Chongwe River. Since animals often gather at the river to drink, unique wildlife sightings can be made directly from the veranda of your tent. Particularly elephants often hike directly through camp – an incredible experience. The Time + Tide Chongwe Camp includes meals as well as selected drinks. A laundry service is also included in both camps.


Free time as a safari guest in Zambia

Between morning and afternoon activities, safari guests can relax during siesta time, which lasts from after lunch until the early afternoon. Time for your own activities also remains after dinner. But of course you are free to spend the whole day in camp and enjoy a relaxed day with an incomparable view of the scenery in front of your tent.

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    1. South Luangwa National Park

    South Luangwa National Park is certainly the best-known wildlife sanctuary in Zambia and is located in the beautiful Luangwa Valley, which is fed by the Luangwa River. Across an area of 9000 km², the park boasts an abundance of lagoons, river arms and wetland biotopes, which are visited by numerous representatives of the African animal world as a source of water.

    The park, open to visitors all year round, presents itself over the twelve months in ever-changing and unique facets. It is considered a real animal paradise and is home to more than 60 different mammals and over 400 bird species, which can be admired at close range on guided game drives and hiking safaris.

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    2. Time and Tide Bush Camps

    The five Time + Tide Bush Camps, located in the picturesque South Luangwa National Park and mostly open seasonally, offer their guests maximum comfort in luxurious safari tents. The walking and hiking safaris are among the best in Africa, led by excellent guides.

    In each of the five camps –Chinzombo, Luwi, Nsolo, Kakuli and Mchenja – you, as a safari guest, will be offered breathtaking views of unfolding river or savannah landscapes. Wildlife sightings can often be made directly from your tent. Moreover, the game drives and hikes surely offer spectacular encounters with the wildlife of the South Luangwa National Park as well.

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    3. Lower Zambezi National Park

    Zambia's Lower Zambezi National Park (about 4,100 km²) lies south of the South Luangwa National Park. With its multi-faceted scenery, fascinating fauna and many opportunities for exploration, the park is a magnificent destination that should definitely be considered during a safari trip.

    In conjunction with the Mana Pools National Park, which is located opposite the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe, the area represents a gigantic nature reserve whose scenic diversity and spectacular biodiversity amaze numerous safari guests each year.

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    4. Time and Tide Chongwe Camp

    The Time + Tide Chongwe Camp is located at the gates of the Lower Zambezi National Park, at the crossroads of the two rivers Chongwe and Zambezi. It accommodates its guests in luxurious safari tents, all of which offer a fantastic view of the Chongwe River, and is often visited by wildlife. It is not uncommon for a herd of elephants to walk through the camp directly. Also the typical grunting of the hippos, which spend most of the time in the waters of the Chongwe River, can always be heard in the camp.
    Game drives and bush walks as well as canoe and boat trips enable guests to explore the biodiversity of the national park and in particular its picturesque water landscapes at close quarters.

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Background of the camping safari in Zambia

This safari trip includes a visit to South Luangwa and Lower Zambezi National Park to experience two exclusive wildlife areas whose incredible biodiversity and diverse landscapes will amaze you.

South Luangwa National Park is located in Zambia's Luangwa Valley which is fed by the Luangwa River. The many lagoons, river arms and wet biotopes are home to numerous crocodiles and hippos and are visited by other wild animals as a source of water. The park which can be visited all year round presents itself in ever changing and unique facets in the course of a year. It is considered an excellent wildlife reserve and is home to over 60 different mammals and over 400 bird species which can be observed at close range during guided game drives and bush walks.

Another highlight of a Zambia safari is undoubtedly Lower Zambezi National Park, which covers about 4,100 km² and is located south of South Luangwa National Park. Due to its varied landscapes, breathtakingly rich fauna and diverse exploration opportunities the park is a fascinating destination that immediately captivates each of its guests.

Our eleven-day safari trip enables you to experience this extraordinary wildlife destination in combination with the pleasure of excellent safari camps, embedded in the wild nature of Zambia.


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