Safari Zambia: Time and Tide Chongwe Camp

Time and Tide Chongwe Camp is located right at the banks of the two rivers Zambezi and Chongwe, in front of the gates of Zambia's Lower Zambezi National Park. Here you can learn more about the beautiful accommodation

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Safari experience in Zambia: The Time + Tide Chongwe Camp is located at the gates of Lower Zambezi National Park, at the crossroads of the two rivers Chongwe and Zambezi. It accommodates its guests in luxurious safari tents, all of which offer a fantastic view of the Chongwe River, and is often visited by wildlife. It is not uncommon for a herd of elephants to walk through the camp directly. Also the typical grunting of the hippos, which spend most of the time in the waters of the Chongwe River, can always be heard in the camp.

Game drives and bush walks as well as canoe and boat trips enable guests to explore the biodiversity of the national park and in particular its picturesque water landscapes at close quarters.


Time + Tide Chongwe Camp

At the confluence of the Chongwe and Zambezi rivers, at the gates of Lower Zambezi National Park

Guest accommodation
9 safari tents (double occupancy) with en-suite bathroom, additional 2 suites – Cassia suite with one bedroom and en-suite bathroom and Albida suite with two bedrooms and en-suite bathroom

Max. number of guests
18 guests in 9 safari tents, 2 guests in Cassia Suite, up to 4 guests in Albida Suite

Day and night game drives, walking safaris, boat and canoe trips, fishing trips, canoe trips, cultural excursions.

The beautiful location directly on the banks of the Chongwe River, which serves as a source of water for a large number of wild animals and thus offers fascinating opportunities for wildlife observation, directly from the tent • occasional camp visits by elephants • a wide range of activities offering a special experience of the African flora and fauna as well as culture • environmentally conscious luxury in a relaxed atmosphere

Elephants, hippos, buffalos, lions, leopards, zebras, various antelopes, baboons, warthogs, more than 250 bird species, rarely also wild dogs and cheetahs


Staying at Time + Tide Chongwe Camp


Time + Tide Chongwe Camp is located at the confluence of the Chongwe and Zambezi Rivers. The Chongwe River forms the border between the Chiawa Game Management Area and the Lower Zambezi National Park, where the camp is located. Picturesque views of the unfolding river landscapes are certain here!

Time + Tide Chongwe Camp

Guest accommodation

The nine safari tents, which can accommodate a total of 18 guests, have either a king-size bed or two single beds. Each tent has its own spacious bathroom with a shower, WC and washbasin. The camp's bathrooms are not covered – which creates a special atmosphere not only during the day, but especially at night. Furthermore, each tent has its own veranda with seating.
The two additional luxury suites Albida and Cassia offer the highest level of comfort, including private lounge, private pool and private dining area. While the Cassia Suite can accommodate two guests in one bedroom, the Albida Suite can accommodate up to 4 guests in two bedrooms. In contrast to the other safari tents, the view of the Zambezi River can be enjoyed from both suites. All guests can also make use of the camp's laundry service.
Children from the age of seven are welcome at the Time + Tide Chongwe Camp .


Central facilities

The camp is located directly on the banks of the Chongwe River. In the large main house, with a picturesque view of the river, you can enjoy convivial moments on comfortable cushions in the lounge and daily meals on the viewing deck. A central swimming pool, accessible to all guests, provides some cooling. Guests can end the day with a cool drink at the camp’s fireplace which is located directly on the river banks.
The whole camp is very spacious and made of natural materials. Mainly in pleasant beige and brown shades, rustic elements are combined with luxurious details. The camp is not fenced, so that a very close experience of the African bush is guaranteed here.


Daily game drives in open 4x4 off-road vehicles are offered which lead into the depths of Lower Zambezi National Park – even after sunset. During foot safaris, wilderness and wildlife can be explored in a very special way. Canoe and boat trips offer the opportunity to discover the magnificent water world of the region and observe animals such as hippos, crocodiles, elephants and other wildlife that come to the river to drink. Furthermore, fishing trips and trips to nearby villages are offered to guests.



The immediate location of the camp on the banks of the river favours the presence of numerous wild animals such as elephants and cats of prey. It is not uncommon for a herd of elephants to visit the camp. Also the grunting of the hippos, which cavort in the water of the Chongwe River, is a constant companion of a stay in the Time + Tide Chongwe Camp . Last but not least, the many different safari activities of the accommodation, especially the water-based ones, ensure an unforgettable Zambia experience.


This area is known for its abundance of elephants which love to feed from the winter thorn growing here. In addition, the Chongwe and Zambezi rivers, the region's main water sources, attract numerous other wild animals who come here to drink. In addition to elephants, three other representatives of the Big Five – buffalo, leopard and lion – can be observed, as can zebras, various antelope species, baboons, warthogs, more than 250 bird species and a large number of hippos. If you are very lucky, you might even meet wild dogs or cheetahs.

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