Animal Shelter Volunteer: Volun­teering With Animals

Support animal rescue projects worldwide and volunteer with animals abroad

Volunteer work with animals

As a volunteer in one of our animal welfare projects abroad you dedicate yourself to protecting dogs, cats, horses, and other farm animals as well as to conserving the South American,African and Asian wildlife such as elephants, primates or wild dogs.

When joining one of our animal rescue projects as a volunteer you are enabled to help those who don’t have a voice and to contribute to protecting and conserving domesticated as well as wild animals.

Taking care of dogs and cats in need, rehabilitating horses, researching and conserving turtles, whale sharks and Southern Africa’s wildlife – surrounded by incomparable natural landscapes you experience fascinating creatures from up close and acquire valuable animal welfare knowledge and skills. Take the chance and become an animal shelter and wildlife rescue volunteer with Natucate.


Highlights of your work as an animal rescue volunteer:

Experi­encing a volunteer stay abroad, entirely charac­ter­ized by animal welfare
Contributing to protecting and conserving neglected or endan­gered animals
Observing fasci­nating animal species in their natural habitat
Gaining new animal welfare knowledge as part of a rewarding volunteer stay abroad

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Why volunteer with animals?

Each living creature is unique, has the right to live and, therefore, should be protected and conserved. Nature and animals are of utter importance for our lives. If we don’t treat them carefully, we also destroy our own livelihood. Animals, just like plants, function as natural markers and indicate if our natural environment is healthy or not. They show us if our air, earth or water is clean or if help is needed. In case we don’t commit ourselves to the protection of our animals and allow species to disappear, future generations will face great challenges. Ecosystems will suffer from gaps which can’t be closed sometimes – the ecological balance will be disturbed. Last but not least, ethical reasons make the protection of animals an indispensable task. Learn more about where and how to volunteer with animals.

Animal shelter volunteer opportunities

Our Natucate animal shelter programmes give you the chance to travel and to volunteer with animals at the same time. Volunteer with horses in Canada, become active as a wildlife sanctuary volunteer in Florida or join a wildlife conservation volunteering project in Southern Africa. There are numerous reasons and places to volunteer with animals.

If you decide to volunteer with animals in one of the Natucate projects, you become active in protecting and rehabilitating or researching and conserving different animal species, depending on the programme’s focus. Learn more about our animal shelter volunteer opportunities.

Volunteering with dogs and cats

Volunteering with stray dogs and cats is an emotional and rewarding task. Stray dogs and cats are common in many countries in the world and mostly struggle to survive. As a volunteer you dedicate yourself to these animals, and support the team of an animal rescue center in caring for them, feeding them and assisting with medical treatments. And another important task of yours: Giving them love and attention.

Volunteering abroad with animals: Pigs on a Vegan Farm on the US West Coast
Voluntary work with animals abroad: cat in an animal shelter in Thailand
Animal welfare abroad: sheep on the grounds of a Vegan Farm in California
Animal welfare volunteer in the USA: voluntary worker and a donkey on the grounds of an animal shelter in Florida

Volunteering in rescue centers for wild animals

Rescue centers for wild animals are also in need of helping hands of national and international volunteers. As an animal rescue volunteer, you support the animal welfare team on site by helping to take care of the animals, carrying out cleaning and maintenance tasks and welcoming guests to tell them more about how to handle animals appropriately and to raise awareness for their threats and dangers. You can volunteer in wildlife rescue projects in Malawi, in Peru, or in Guatemala.

Volunteering with horses

Volunteering in horse rehabilitation: Similar tasks are waiting for you when volunteering with horses or other animals rescued from factory farming. Protection, care and rehabilitation is what you will focus on as a volunteer.

Volunteering in wildlife conservation

Wildlife volunteer opportunities: Your voluntary commitment in projects dedicated to wildlife conservation will also enable you to work together with fascinating animal species – whereas researching the animals is of great importance. As part of programmes dedicated to protecting species like whale sharks or orangutans you are familiarized with essential research methods, apply them in the field and learn from experienced researchers. Your work as a wildlife rescue volunteer focuses on observing and data collection – sometimes you get the chance, though, to get into touch with the animals, for example as a volunteer in sea turtle projects.

Volunteering with animals in Africa

Wildlife volunteer in Africa: Last but not least, you can make an active contribution to animal welfare as a volunteer in Southern Africa’s national parks and nature reserves. The focus is put on wildlife observation and research, which means you will spend your time studying endangered animals like elephants, lions, leopards, wild dogs or rhinos. Maintenance work is another typical element of volunteering in Africa. Living and working in the last wild places on earth and experiencing Africa’s wild fauna in its natural habitat is definitely an unforgettable adventure.

As a participant in one of our animal rescue projects and together with an international volunteer team you help save neglected, abused or endangered animals, encounter amazing animal species in the wild and gain valuable knowledge on animal welfare and animal care. Volunteer with animals abroad and experience a rewarding time amidst impressive natural landscapes. To get an overview of fascinating programmes for volunteer work abroad with animals and the best wildlife conservation opportunities, we invite you to take a look at our Natucate project portfolio.


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