Volunteer Abroad Horses

Become active as a volunteer in animal welfare and work with horses abroad

Volunteering with horses abroad: Dedicate yourself to animal welfare as a volunteer in North America und help protect and take care of horses in need as part of an international volunteer team.

You love horses, are passionate about horseback riding and would like to commit yourself to horse rescue as a volunteer? Natucate gives you the chance to help protect your favourite animals as part of fascinating equestrian volunteer programmes and contribute to the rehabilitation of abused or neglected horses. You will not only learn how to properly handle and take care of them but also gain insights into the daily business of a horse rescue center and acquire valuable background knowledge about animal welfare.


Highlights of your volunteer stay with horses

Experi­encing a unique time abroad with horses
Contributing to protecting and conserving mustangs and other horses
Gaining insights into the daily work of a horse rescue center
Acquiring knowledge about horse care and horse handling

Horse care and horse keeping

Horses are highly developed mammals who feel pain in a similar way that humans do. They are sentient and are able to sense fear or panic as they have a distinct need to flee. As herd animals they need to be kept with other horses.
Each horse race has its own needs concerning its environment which a horse keeper always needs to consider. Enough room for exercise, a naturally lit, dry and spacious stable as well as the right nutrition – in order to secure the horse’s well-being an appropriate environment and care need to be provided. The animal’s well-being and its individual needs always have to be the top priority.


Protecting horses – why?

A lot has changed in animal law over the past few years; in many countries there are laws describing certain rules for species-appropriate animal keeping. But sadly, violations of animal / horse protection laws happen on a regular basis and cases of horse mistreat are anything but rare. Neglect, abuse, illegal trade – in order to save horses from such distress, action needs to be taken.
Fortunately, horse rescue centers, exclusively founded for horse protection and conservation, dedicate themselves to the animals‘ fate, offer them a safe haven, provide for care and rehabilitation and, later on, try to find a loving new home for them.


Volunteering with horses

As a volunteer in one of our horse care projects, you help protect and rehabilitate horses which have been freed from abusive situations.

If you decide to join our horse rescue project in the USA, you dedicate yourself to volunteering with mustangs on a horse rescue ranch in Florida and support the rehabilitation of exploited and abused wild horses.

As a volunteer in Canada you take care of horses, rescued from factory farming, by grooming, feeding, leading and handling. Moreover, you will be present when the animals are given to caring new owners.

No matter if you are an experienced equestrian or simply passionate about horses – as a Natucate volunteer in one of our horse projects you make an active contribution to animal welfare, broaden your knowledge about working with the animals and spend a meaningful time abroad in the midst of the most beautiful landscapes.

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