A voluntary helper in the wolf and lynx project doing research work in the snow

Your trip at a glance


  • Live and work in Slovakia’s spectac­ular region of Liptov
  • Actively contribute to researching wolves and lynx
  • Work together with nature conser­va­tion­ists, foresters, landowners and hunters
  • Experi­ence the pristine winter wilder­ness of Slovakia’s Liptov region


A volunteer in Slovakia places his foot next to a wolf track in the snow
Two volunteers in the wolf and lynx project doing research work in the forest
Two volunteers in the snow-covered landscape of Liptov in Slovakia
A volunteer in the wolf and lynx project doing research work in the forest
A volunteer in Slovakia places his hand next to a wolf track in the snow
Overlooking the snow-covered mountain and forest landscape in Slovakia's Liptov region
A voluntary helper in the wolf and lynx project doing research work in the snow

Volunteering in Slovakia

Become a volunteer in the winter wilderness of Slovakia’s Liptov region and help research wolf and lynx populations as part of an international conservation team.

Wolf is standing close to a rock wall in a forest in Slovakia

Arrival and orien­ta­tion in Bratislava

Depending on where you come from, you need to book a train ride or flight to Slovakia’s capitol of Bratislava. Your meeting point will be Bratislava main station where you will be picked up at 11:30 AM on the day the project starts. In case you get to Bratislava by airplane, you are responsible for getting to the city’s main station – we are happy to provide you with directions. You and your team will be picked up by a staff member at the main station and taken to your project site, located in magnificent Liptov.

Female lynx and her offspring roaming a forest in Slovakia at night

Activ­i­ties in the wildlife conser­va­tion project

As a project participant you will be part of an international volunteer team which will collaborate with local nature conservationists, foresters, landowners and hunters. Experienced project staff will train and support you. After you’ve been familiarised with the project’s work and goals, your tasks and essential safety rules, the actual project work begins.

Two voluntary helpers in the wolf and lynx project doing research work in the forest

Core volunteer tasks include tracking wolves and lynx, installing, checking and evaluating camera traps, collecting samples for DNA and dietary analyses as well as data storage and discussion. At the end of your stay you will have acquired tracking skills, are able to read signs in nature and have broadened your knowledge about the mythic wolf. Most of the work is physical and takes place in hilly to mountainous terrain with snow cover. You will usually start work in the morning and finish it in the late afternoon/early evening, with a lunch break in-between.

Wolf is roaming a forest in Slovakia's Liptov region

Please note: As this is an ethical volunteer project, you will not be able to touch any wildlife during your stay. Even spotting the animals might be extremely difficult – that’s why we cannot guarantee that you will see a wolf, lynx or any other wildlife during your stay.

Overlooking the snow-covered mountain and forest landscape in Slovakia's Liptov region

Accom­mo­da­tion as a partic­i­pant

Throughout the project, you and other project participants stay in a fully renovated, family-run guesthouse at the edge of Nízke Tatry (Low Tatras) National Park. The house has shared bathrooms, a dining and living room as well as several bedrooms which will be shared by two to four people. Buffet breakfast, packed lunch and cooked dinner will be provided on field days. Tea, coffee, water and juice drinks are also available.

Lynx in a forest in Slovakia's Liptov region at night

Leisure time during the wildlife project

You can usually use the evening hours of each day for your own activities. We recommend you packing some recreational items like books, board/card games or music. Moreover, there will be the chance to enjoy a trip to a nearby spa / swimming pool during the week.

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    1. Liptov

    Liptov is a region in Slovakia, located between the country’s Tatra National Park to the north and the Low Tatras National Park to the south. Liptov is an ideal destination for nature and outdoor lovers. Around 50% of the area is covered by forests reaching up to 1,500 m above sea level.

    Beyond that, travellers will come across a zone of dwarf pine before reaching beautiful alpine meadows. During winter months, much of the region’s wildlife moves to the foothills and valleys to avoid the deepest snow. Here is where the conservation project unfolds its research activities.

Purpose of the wildlife conser­va­tion project in Slovakia

Just like many other countries in Europe and elsewhere, Slovakia undergoes an annual hunting season. While environmentalists claim that this annual winter hunting leaves only around 130 wolves in the country, official hunting statistics list more than ten times this number. The main aim of our partner’s conservation project therefore is to determine the predators’ numbers by implementing non-invasive methods. Monitoring the population levels of wolves and other wildlife is essential to ensure that hunting activities do not put these populations at risk. Volunteers are an important part of the project as they assist experienced scientists in conducting systematic surveys as well as in collecting samples for DNA and dietary analyses.


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