Sabbat­ical: Perfect for a “Digital Detox“

Constant availability causes stress to a lot of people – whether they are aware or unaware of it. Supporting your sabbatical with a “Digital Detox” might then be a good solution. Learn more in our blog

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Our smartphone became our constant companion and many people have a hard time putting it aside. A life without smartphone? Impossible! We are afraid of missing out on something, that’s why we look at our smartphones about 200 times a day. We just need to quickly check Facebook to see what our distant acquaintance experienced, like a photo of our friend’s lunch on Instagram, or write a short text to our best friend. We all know what that’s like.

This constant availability is an important factor in our everyday lives – especially in our work life – and quite often it is also a requirement for a job. This makes it difficult or even impossible to take a break from the digital world. What’s even more crucial: This constant availability causes stress to a lot of people – whether they are aware or unaware of it. Supporting your sabbatical with a “Digital Detox” might then be a good solution.

But what exactly is “Digital Detox” and how does it work?

“Detox” is a concept that some of you might be familiar with from their diet. Detox treatments in which you detoxify your body with the help of teas, juices, or other aliments are getting more and more popular and help you to gain new energy. Abstinence is the keyword since a detox treatment is like going on a fast. “Digital Detox” is quite similar – only that you “fast” your smartphone and maybe even other digital media.


Some preparation is often important for your digital fasting. Don’t start too hasty but begin by putting your smartphone consciously aside for a set period of time. Determine certain times in which you check your social media and don’t exceed these – this way you learn to give up on the habit of “just-quickly-checking”. Afterwards you can step up by having a day in the week or even a whole weekend when you don’t use your smartphone at all.

Find an interesting activity for this time to distract yourself so that you’re less aware of the abstinence and the “fasting” will be easier. Depending on the length of your abstinence, an "out-of-office message" might be a good idea so that friends and family don’t need to worry.


A “Digital Detox” during your sabbatical is perfect since you don’t need to be constantly available anyway, and you won’t have many obligations in your work and private life. No matter how you organize your sabbatical – whether you spend time with your family, take up a hobby, do voluntary work, travel etc. – you will definitely experience a lot of exciting things that distract you from your abstinence.

Of course, it’s up to you how long you would like to do a “Digital Detox”. Whether it is just at the weekend, during the week, for several weeks, or even during your whole sabbatical is only your decision. What can be said for sure is that it won’t do any harm to put your smartphone aside for a while to experience and enjoy your sabbatical even more intensely.

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