Ein Krallenaffe istdurch das dichte Geaest des Regenwaldes zu erkennen

Your trip at a glance


  • Live and work as an intern in the midst of the Amazon rainforest
  • Gain new knowledge about the primates in the area
  • Famil­iarise yourself with essential methods of data collec­tion and analysis
  • Meet people from all over the world
  • Experi­ence the fasci­nating biodi­ver­sity of the Peruvian jungle


Amazon Rainforest
Der Amazonas bietet Lebensraum fuer eine Vielzahl von Primatenarten
Drei Praktikantinnen posieren fuer ein Foto waehrend der Arbeit im Amazonas
Ein junger Kapuzineraffe schaut sich verunsichert im Regenwald um
Eine Huette im Regenwald bietet die Unterkunft fuer die Artenstutz Praktikanten
Der Regenwald Perus bietet viele spannende Moeglichkeiten der Arbeit
Der Tamrin ist einer von vielen verschiedenen Primatenarten dieim Regenwald leben
Ein Primat isst die Blaetter der Baeume im peruanischen Regenwald

Your rainforest internship in Peru

As an intern in this programme dedicate yourself to researching the visual acuity of tamarin monkeys and acquire deeper knowledge about the behaviour, ecology and protection of the rare animals.

Ein Boot dient den Praktikanten als Fortbewegngsmittel auf dem Fluss

Arrival and Orien­ta­tion in South America

After arriving at Puerto Maldonado International Airport, you will be collected by a staff member and taken to a hostel in the city where you spend the first night. On the next day, you continue your journey to the Los Amigos research station that is located at the foot of the Southern Andes in the Amazon rainforest.

Ein Primat isst die Blaetter der Baeume im peruanischen Regenwald

Topics of your intern­ship in Peru

In this course, the focus of the research work is on research in the visual faculty of tamarin monkeys. This primarily depends on the sex of the animal: all of the male new world monkeys are dichromatic (they are able to see with two types of cone), this only being the case in half of the female new world monkeys. The different visual acuities also give ground to expect that there are also behavioural differences between dichromatic and trichromatic tamarin monkeys. During this course, you will observe and compare the behaviour, collect data and conduct exciting experiments. You also learn how to record the data obtained from the behaviour research, conduct data analyses and correctly supervise scientific experiments.

Im Gemeinschaftsraum der Praktikantenunterkunft wird gegessen und Recherche betrieben

Accom­mo­da­tion in Peru

Our partner’s research station will be your home during the programme. It houses a laboratory, a classroom, a library, a dining room and two dormitories, where the programme participants are accommodated. The dormitories have bunk beds and shared bathrooms. You will be provided with breakfast, lunch and dinner during your stay in the research station and snacks are also available during your meals.
It is also possible that you will be staying one night in Puerto Maldonado after you have left the research station. During this stay in the hostel, you will be provided with breakfast but you will have to obtain your lunch and dinner yourself.

Drei Praktikantinnen posieren fuer ein Foto waehrend der Arbeit im Amazonas

Leisure time as an intern

We recommend you bring some books, movies and TV series since there will be time for your own activities in between. You can also borrow a book from the station’s well-equipped library.

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    1. Amazon Rainforest

    About 13% of the approximately 5,500,000 km² Amazon rainforest is located in Peru. As in other countries in South America where the Amazon rainforest is found, the Amazon rainforest in Peru is a real biodiversity hotspot due to its many endemic animal and plant species.

    The avifauna in particular is one of the richest in species worldwide. With over 1800 species, more birds live here than in Europe and North America together. But also large numbers of insects, reptiles and mammals can be found in the green depths and make the jungle of Peru an absolute must-see for all South American travellers and nature lovers.

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Background of your intern­ship abroad

Peru is one of the most unique countries in South America. Peru is the third largest country on the continent after Brazil and Argentina, and is renowned for its biodiversity and varied landscape. The Andes on the Pacific coast and the Amazon to the East on the border with Brazil provide the climate for a unique variety of endemic mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and insect species.
Especially the biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest is beyond fascinating. Although much research on its flora and fauna has been carried out, many secrets could not be disclosed yet. By participating in this unique internship programme nature and wildlife enthusiasts get the chance to learn more about the diverse fauna of the Amazon Basin, particularly primates, and to acquire essential research skills.


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