Your Sabbatical –
Three continents in three months

This tour will take you to 3 different continents over four and half months, and gives you an opportunity to volunteer in three different areas: nature conservation, animal conservation and species conservation. This is the best option if you want to want to see lots of the world while making a genuine contribution to nature conservation and the environment. You will start your trip at a location down under, where you will work on a variety of projects. You can also choose different locations in order to see as much of Australia as possible. A continent of enormous dimensions, unique natural wonders and rare animal species awaits!


After four weeks in Australia, you will continue to Asia. You will spend four weeks protecting stray dogs and cats on the island of Koh Lanta in southern Thailand. You will walk dogs on the beach, and wash and feed the animals. You can use your time off to discover the beautiful forests, beaches and coral reefs of Koh Lanta. • The final stop of your sabbatical will be the Seychelles off the east coast of Africa. You will monitor and observe the population of endangered turtles on the North Island and help with the renaturation of the area and the conservation of the marine ecosystem. In your time off, you can try out a variety of watersports or discover the underwater world of the island. The idyllic nature of the Seychelles is the perfect end to your sabbatical.


Outward flight

depends on the location of the project in Australia

Return flight

Seychelles International Airport, Mahé, Seychelles



  • in nature conservation projects in Australia,
  • in an animal conservation project on Koh Lanta in Thailand,
  • in an animal conservation project on North Island in the Seychelles


Australia, Thailand, Seychelles


approx. 12 weeks

Your career break

Your adventure

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