Sabbat­ical: Courage to break out

Many people dream about a sabbatical but do not have enough courage or stamina to make their dream become true. Natucate may help. Learn more in our blog.

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Many people would like to take a time out from work but often do not have enough courage or stamina to make their plans become real. Daniel, the founder of Natucate, knows how much time, preparation and courage it takes to plan a sabbatical. But he also knows how a sabbatical will benefit you.

According to the largest German sabbatical-survey so far which was carried out in 2015, almost every second employee dreams of a long-term time-out from work.¹ The motivations to do so vary a lot: Some people want to travel the world, exploring new countries and cultures, having more time for themselves, others are searching for new perspectives and ideas, create a distance to their everyday-life routine or even want to prevent a burn-out from work. There are even some who could imagine to emigrate completely to another country.

However, one important detail is not covered by this survey: Every tenth person of all who are interested in a time out, does not have the energy or courage to plan and implement a sabbatical year.

Natucate founder Daniel knows about the struggles and doubts which are connected to the wish of dropping out of the working life. Years ago Daniel worked in the software industry until he realized that he is not happy with what he was doing. This moment was followed by a period of thinking and weighing up, since his job provided financial security and comfort. But in the end he ventured to quit his job – something he never regretted!


Already as a child Daniel was a passionate nature lover and traveler and interested into far away countries and new cultures. During his Geography studies he went to Arizona, USA to work as a volunteer in the field of nature conservation. Just then the foundation of his future idea was already laid.

After Daniel quit his job he was looking for a new one but none of them fulfilled his expectations. That’s why Daniel decided to go back to his roots and revisit his initial idea of wildlife volunteering with an educational approach.

From that day onward he put all his efforts into a project which was supposed to combine nature-love, wildlife, volunteering, education, travelling and social interaction; a project that was going to open up new inspirations to people who are in search of something new in their life, people who haven’t had the chance yet to follow their dreams. This was the birth hour of Natucate.

Natucate supports people in planning and implementing their sabbatical year. In a personal and individualized interview we try to create a program which satisfies the client’s expectations and wishes. Besides that we offer helpful advises regarding preparatory work and organization. Based on his personal experiences Daniel wants to encourage everyone interested to follow his long-cherished dream of experience things for the first time, having time for oneself to rediscover personal talents and skills and getting new inspirations and ideas.

Leaving the everyday routine behind and breaking out of the treadmill: Those who strive for change but are not able to release the brakes, should consider reaching out to Dr. phil. Waltraut Fiona Berle – strategic, sensitive and motivating coach for career break and individual fulfilment. Take a look at her website and become active in living your sabbatical dream.

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