Trails Guide-Studenten auf einem Pirschgang im Amakhala Game Reserve; bei einem Stopp beobachten sie nun einen Elefanten

Your trip at a glance


  • Roam the wilder­ness of South Africa’s Eastern Cape on foot
  • Observe an abundance of wild animals in their natural habitat
  • Acquire new environ­mental knowledge and situa­tional awareness
  • Learn how safely lead a group of safari guests through a big game region
  • Benefit from the expertise of long-term experi­enced guides
  • Receive an official FGASA certifi­cate at the end of the course


Camp Ulovane
Eine kleine Elefantenherde mit Jungtieren im suedafrikanischen Amakhala Game Reserve
Ein Kursleiter des Trails Guide-Training in Suedafrika anaylisiert mit seinen Studenten frisch entdeckte Tierspuren in der Savanne
Aufnahme einer Herde Gnus in der suedafrikanischn Savanne
Eine Trails Guide-Studentin steht inmitten der wilden Natur des Amakhala Game Reserves und laesst den Blick ueber die weite Landschaft schweifen
Eine Gruppe von Trails Guide-Studenten steht im suedafrikanischen Amakhala Game Reserve und fokussiert eine noch nicht erkennbare Sichtung
Weiter Blick vom Camp Ulovane auf die Landschaft des Amakhala Game Reserves im suedafrikanischen Ostkap
Aufnahme einer Gruppe von Trails Guide-Studenten, die im suedafrikanischen Amakhala Game Reserve vor einem Felsgebilde steht
Zwei Teilnehmer des Trails Guide-Kurses in Suedafrika liegen im Gras der Savanne; im Hintergrund ist eine Giraffe zu sehen
Nahaufnahme der suedafrikanischen Flora: Ein Trails Guide-Student beschaeftigt sich auf einem Bush Walk im Ostkap mit der oertlichen Vegetation
Eine kleine Elefantenherde mit Jungtier im suedafrikanischen Amakhala Game Reserve beim Trinken im Fluss
Aufnahme einer kleinen Giraffenherde im suedafrikanischen Amakhala Game Reserve
Trails Guide-Studenten auf einem Pirschgang im Amakhala Game Reserve; bei einem Stopp beobachten sie nun einen Elefanten

Apprentice Trails Guide in South Africa

When joining the Apprentice Trails Guide training you explore South Africa’s unique flora and fauna on foot, acquire intense situational awareness and get the chance to obtain an official FGASA certificate after successful course completion.

Aufnahme von zwei Trails Guide-Studenten in Suedafrikas Amakhala Game Reserve

Arrival and orien­ta­tion in South Africa

You will arrive and depart via Port Elizabeth. Please arrive one day before the course begins. Our partner’s transfer service will pick you up at 01:00 PM and take you to Camp Ulovane.

Nahaufnahme eines Pfotenabdrucks in der Savanne des suedafrikanischen Amakhala Game Reserves

Activ­i­ties during your Trails Guide adventure

Depending on whether you choose the 4 ½-months or 7-week training your schedule will vary. If you stay in the course for 4 ½ months, the first 10 weeks of your training will focus on the Apprentice Field Guide subjects – for example, ecology, geology, astronomy, taxonomy, animal behaviour, plant use and, of course, guiding and guest interaction.

The actual 7-week Trails Guide programme will sharpen your previously gained guiding skills.

Zwei Trails Guide-Studenten und ihr Kursleiter hocken im suedafrikanischen Amakhala Game Reserve und fotografieren eine soeben entdeckte Tierspur

Therefore, it focuses on safely walking and guiding in a wilderness area plus teaching you special situational awareness and handling big game encounters like an expert. Subjects you will deal with are:

• Professional rifle handling
• Walking safaris (includes approaching big game)
• Tracking skills including a Cyber Tracking evaluation

Throughout the entire training, no matter if it’s the short or extended programme, students will experience a balanced mix of theoretical and hands-on units.

Aufnahme einer ausgewachsenen Giraffe im suedafrikanischen Amakhala Game Reserve zusammen mit ihrem Jungtier

Long-term experienced trainers will always ensure support and instruction and pass their expert knowledge on to them.
At the end of your training you will be able to safely handle a rifle, read wildlife tracks and signs, make appropriate decisions when encountering big game and lead a safari group in a safe, informative and enjoyable manner.
During the final exam period of the course(s) you will need to pass several theoretical and practical assessments in order to receive the official FGASA certificate.

Aufnahme des Aussenbereichs von Camp Ulovane, inklusive Sitz- und Lagerfeuerecke mit Braai Area

Accom­mo­da­tion as a guide student

Camp Ulovane, an ecofriendly and sustainable training camp close to Amakhala and Kwantu Game Reserves, will be your home throughout your Trails Guide adventure. Together with one or two other students you will sleep in a shared room which has access to its own bathroom, equipped with a shower (and hot and cold water), a toilet and a basin. In each room you will find gas geysers, a cupboard, a desk and a chair. Bed linen and a towel will also be provided. If you need to charge any electronical devices you can use the camp’s charging station in the main area.

Blick in den mit Sofas und Kicker ausgestatteten Aufenthaltsraum des suedafrikanischen Trainingscamps Ulovane

Free WiFi can be used in a designated WiFi zone at the campus offices. Whereas WiFi can often be limited due to your remote bush location, cell phone reception is quite excellent most of the time. A laundry service for your training uniform is offered; personal clothes need to be done by yourself. A dining room, a little lounge and a lecture room are further facilities of Camp Ulovane. As a student you’ll be provided with three meals per day. Teamwork in the kitchen is encouraged and any suggestions are always welcome.
Keep in mind: as part of the Trails Guide course, it is possible that many nights will be spent under Africa’s starry night sky!

Zwei Trails Guide-Studentinnen geniessen im suedafrikanischen Amakhala Game Reserve den Sonnenuntergang

Leisure time during your guide training

No matter if you choose the 4 ½-months or 7-week course: you will always have some free time in between. This will mainly be around lunchtime or in the evening hours, plus Sunday afternoons. You can relax in camp, read a book, go for a run, play volleyball or go to town.
When joining the 4 ½-months programme, though, there is a mid-weekend break in week 5 as well as a break of two weeks between the Apprentice Field Guide and the Apprentice Trails Guide programme. During this two-week break, students need to leave camp but can use this great opportunity for backpacking and travelling in the area.

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    1. Camp Ulovane

    Camp Ulovane is a sustainable and ecofriendly training facility in Ulovane Reserve, sharing borders with beautiful Amakhala and Kwantu Game Reserves in South Africa’s Eastern Cape. The camp was completed in 2009 and offers modern, comfortable and well-equipped facilities for its students – including several dorm rooms plus attached bathrooms, a kitchen and dining area, a lounge and a lecture room.

    The Ulovane Reserve is a conservation area which mainly focuses on vegetation management and on re-establishing populations of Cape Mountain Zebra and smaller mammals. There are no large potentially dangerous animals in the reserve. Guests of Camp Ulovane can enjoy a magnificent view of neighbouring Big 5 Amakhala Game Reserve and sometimes even spot herds of antelope roaming the plains below – a stunning place for an educational wilderness adventure.

Background of the Appren­tice Trails Guide

The Apprentice Trails Guide qualification is designed for nature guides who are exceptionally tuned into nature with particular alertness in the bush. Being a Trails Guide requires a high level of maturity and responsibility as dealing with big and potentially dangerous game is part of the job – while making sure that an inexperienced group of safari guests is safely led through a wilderness area. Therefore, the course puts a focus on walking safaris, situational awareness and dealing with big game encounters in the open wild. Our Trails Guide adventure is not only suitable for those who are serious about a career within the lodge and hospitality industry, but also for outdoor lovers who are simply passionate about nature, wildlife and learning.


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