Blick auf die kanadische Naturlandschaft waehrend eines Trips des Rangerkurses

Your trip at a glance


  • Spend seven days in Canada’s breath­taking nature
  • Hike through British Columbia’s wild backcountry for three days
  • Acquire essential hiking guide knowledge
  • Spend the nights in the Canadian wilder­ness
  • Meet people from all over the world
  • Experi­ence Canada’s fasci­nating nature from up close


British Columbia
Kanadische Flora zur Naturkunde waehrend der Rangerausbildung
Beobachtung der kanadischen Wildtiere im Rahmen eines Naturkurses in der Rangerausbildung
Blick auf die Landschaft Kanadas bei einem Wandertrip des Rangerkurses
Eine Gruppe von Studenten der Rangerausbildung bereitet sich im Wald auf das Ueberlebenstraining vor
Die Pferderanch dient als Unterkunft fuer die Studenten waehrend ihrer Rangerausbildung
Wanderung von Studenten durch die kanadische Landschaft waehrend eines Ueberlebenstrainings

Nature training in Canada

As a participant in the midst of Canada’s pristine nature you get to know the work of a real hiking guide and, at the same time, the beautiful North American country in an incomparable way.

Ein Ranger unterrichtet Studenten in Naturkunde waehrend eines Rangerkurses im kanadischen Wald

Arrival and orien­ta­tion in British Columbia

First of all, you fly to Vancouver International Airport and spend a night in a local hotel or hostel. The next morning, an Express Shuttle brings you from Vancouver to your accommodation: a ranch a few hours north of Vancouver that serves as a base station. Once you’ve arrived there you get lunch and an introduction to your upcoming course programme.

Beobachtung der kanadischen Wildtiere im Rahmen eines Naturkurses in der Rangerausbildung

Topics of the guide training in North America

You spend your day of arrival as well as the two following days learning necessary skills about organizing hiking tours: you get accustomed to safety rules, especially wildlife safety. You also learn which equipment you need for these hiking tours and how to pack it on your horses. The care and handling of your packhorses is an important part of your training as well. You learn how to prepare them for the tours and how to lead them in rough terrain. Last but not least, you get taught in the interaction with guests and their supervision in remote areas.

Kanadische Flora zur Naturkunde waehrend der Rangerausbildung

On the fourth day, you start on your hiking tour and follow paths that lead you to old forests and picturesque flowering meadows and finally to your camp. In the following days you hike to new mountain ridges while testing your newly acquired outdoor skills. You are constantly accompanied by a proficient guide who shares his experience and valuable knowledge about outdoor and nature with you. Next to building your knowledge you can enjoy unique nature, the view across breathtaking mountain landscapes, and exciting animal sightings. On the last day you hike back to the ranch to have a farewell lunch together, and you can leave with several new skills and impressions.

Die Studenten des Rangerkurses erholen sich nach einem Survival Training im kanadischen Wald auf der Ranch

Accom­mo­da­tion as a hiking guide student

During the first half of the week of the course you and the other participants live together on a horse and guest ranch amidst the wild nature of southwest British Columbia where you sleep in tents. You get three meals each day. The ranch has its own library, and you can use deck chairs to relax in the large garden. The ranch is surrounded by a 5000 square kilometer large wilderness area that sets the scene for your upcoming hiking tour.
On the fourth day you and your group start your hiking tour in the Canadian wilderness and spend every night in a wilderness camp. These are located in higher areas and often far away from the usual tourist tracks. The camps can be large canvas tents or also rustic mountain huts. You carry the food supplies that you need and prepare these in one of the camps or during your hikes together.

Eine Pferderanch dient als Unterkunft fuer die Studenten des Rangerkurses

Leisure time during your outdoor adventure

As the focus is on your hiking guide training, free time is quite limited. The evening hours can usually be used for relaxing and own activities, though.

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    1. British Columbia

    British Columbia is a Canadian province located on the Pacific coast between Canada's provinces of Yukon and Alberta and the United States. Vancouver is the largest city and at the same time the largest economic centre.

    First and foremost, forests dominate the 944,735 km² of British Columbia. The abundance of species that can be found here attracts countless travellers every year. Bears, elks, bobcats, wolves, pumas and lots of other wildlife can be seen with a bit of luck in the midst of the breathtaking wilderness – the perfect destination for every nature and outdoor enthusiast.
    British Columbia's pristine natural landscapes will be your home during your educational adventure in Canada.

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Background of the hiking guide course in Canada

Forests, meadows, fjords, lakes, coasts, glaciers, and a variety of wild animals: Canada’s scenery surely provides everybody with an impressive nature experience. On this Wilderness Experience you get really close to the beautiful nature and discover majestic mountain ranges, wide valleys, ancient forests, and alpine meadows on a multi-day hiking tour in the southwest of the country. The diverse flora and fauna is perfect for a breathtaking training adventure amidst the Canadian wilderness.


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