Your trip at a glance


  • Take part in a fasci­nating bushcraft and survival training in Canada
  • Broaden your outdoors skills, instructed by experi­enced course leaders
  • Go back to the roots and live in the rhythm of nature
  • Spend the nights in self-built wilder­ness shelters
  • Experi­ence British Columbia’s unique nature from up close


British Columbia

Advanced survival training in Canada

As a participant in this course you merge with Canada’s wild nature and broaden your wilderness skills. It is up to you whether you put the focus on bushcraft or survival.


Arrival and orien­ta­tion in North America

You arrive at Vancouver International Airport and spend one night in a local accommodation. The next morning you take an Express Shuttle to get to your base station: a Western ranch a few hours north of Vancouver. After you had lunch on the ranch, you get an introduction to the upcoming course programme.


Topics of the advanced bushcraft and survival training

The focus of your bushcraft and survival training is on broadening and intensifying the outdoor skills you acquired so far. Surrounded by Canada’s wild backcountry you dedicate yourself to navigation in the wild, water and food supply, building a shelter and firebuilding techniques. You broaden your knowledge in building tools, in handling a knife and an axe and in how to behave when coming across wild animals. An experienced guide is always with you and teaches you all essential bushcraft skills. You get the possibility to discover your strengths and weaknesses in a demanding but safe environment, which is priceless for all your future adventure trips.


Accom­mo­da­tion in British Columbia's wilder­ness

Together with your team you head to British Columbia’s backcountry shortly after your arrival on the ranch. Your instructor will show you how to build shelters for longer wilderness stays in which you and the other participants will sleep the following nights. Three daily meals are prepared together by your group and will be enjoyed either in the shelter camp or while being on a day trip.


Leisure time as a course partic­i­pant in North America

As you and your group dedicate yourself to acquiring new knowledge and essential outdoor skills all day long, free time is quite limited in this course.

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    1. British Columbia

    British Columbia is a Canadian province located on the Pacific coast between Canada's provinces of Yukon and Alberta and the United States. Vancouver is the largest city and at the same time the largest economic centre.

    First and foremost, forests dominate the 944,735 km² of British Columbia. The abundance of species that can be found here attracts countless travellers every year. Bears, elks, bobcats, wolves, pumas and lots of other wildlife can be seen with a bit of luck in the midst of the breathtaking wilderness – the perfect destination for every nature and outdoor enthusiast.
    British Columbia's pristine natural landscapes will be your home during your educational adventure in Canada.

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Background of the advanced survival training

Due to its forests, fjords, lakes, coasts, glaciers, and numerous wild animals Canada is the perfect setting for many impressive nature experiences. In this course you go back to the roots and get especially close to the country's wild nature while sharpening your bushcraft and survival skills as a student in this challenging training adventure. The breathtaking flora and fauna provides optimal conditions for an unforgettable Wilderness Experience in the North American backcountry!


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