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Take a Field Guide Course in South Africa

If you are searching for a way to take a break in nature while learning hands-on wilderness skills, Natucate’s Field Guide Courses in South Africa are made for you.

People want different things out of their sabbaticals and gap years. Some desperately need time out when they can simply travel, enjoy the beauty of nature, and take a break from work stresses. Others are looking for an adventure that combines these elements with hands-on field training and wilderness survival skills.

If you fall into this category, Natucate’s Field Guide Courses in South Africa are a perfect fit for you. They are catered to clients wishing to immerse themselves in nature while gaining environmental skills and contributing to meaningful conservation.

South Africa is home to some of the most breathtaking, untamed, and biodiverse wilderness preserves on the planet. Natucate’s South Africa Field Guide Courses are operated in various parts of the Kruger National Park. Kruger is South Africa’s most renowned game reserve, sprawling over nearly 20,000 square kilometres and home to rich wildlife. The formidable “Big 5” species are found here – lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant, and rhino. All these species are on the IUCN Red List, except for African buffalo, classified as Nearly Threatened.


While participating in these unforgettable travel adventures, you will experience some of the world’s wildest and most awe-inspiring places. Our highly knowledgeable guides will teach you essential wilderness survival techniques. These include foraging for and correctly identifying edible plants, administering first aid, and also handling a rifle in some courses.

You will spend most of your time in direct contact with nature and see the country’s incredible wild animals at close range, in their natural habitat. Additionally, you can obtain an official Field Guides Association of Southern Africa (FGASA) accreditation on completion of specific Natucate South Africa Field Guide Courses. This is optional and not required for joining any of the courses.

Time in nature gives people the opportunity to take a break from the stress of demanding work and personal situations. In the peace and harmony of nature, one can relax, reboot, and reexamine the status quo, which has helped many of our clients gain a positive new perspective on life.

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Highlights of your Field Guide Training Course in South Africa

Immerse yourself in the raw beauty of the South African wilder­ness
Gain practical wilder­ness survival skills and in-depth environ­mental knowledge
Experi­ence incred­ible biodi­ver­sity, including the famous "Big 5"
Reconnect with yourself and nature
Obtain an official FGASA quali­fi­ca­tion

Natucate's Career Guide Courses in South Africa

Natucate’s Southern African Guide Courses combine an unforgettable African adventure with a meaningful conservation experience plus the option to obtain an official FGASA certificate. The courses are inspiring journeys in learning how to protect and preserve the exceptional beauty of the African wilderness.

Professional Field Guide Training Course in South Africa

The Professional Field Guide Training Course is Natucate’s most comprehensive Field Guide Training Course. This hands-on programme provides the most comprehensive field training and is conducted over almost a full year.

You will spend this time in the breathtaking African bush, mostly under open skies and in direct contact with nature. While immersed in this unique environment, you will learn valuable conservation and survival skills needed for Professional Field Guiding. These include administering medical care, strategies for surviving in the wild, knowledge of animals and plants, and also being trained to handle and shoot a rifle.


Field Guide Level 1 Course (Apprentice Field Guide)

In the Apprentice Field Guide Course (former Field Guide Level 1), highly experienced and qualified instructors will guide you through the wilderness over 55 days. This course focuses on delivering practical training directly in the wild, as well as further education to complement hands-on skills.

While you are fully immersed in nature, they will provide you with critical knowledge of local flora and fauna. You will also learn about the delicate balance of the ecosystem and how to conserve it.

Apprentice Trails Guide Course

Likewise, the 28-day Apprentice Trails Guide Course offers the chance for a memorable and meaningful nature adventure with long-term benefits.

It focuses on teaching participants the vital importance of being vigilant and responsible for safety when walking in the bush. Moreover, it provides essential knowledge about field guide skills and how best to stay safe in wilderness environments.

Safari Guide Course

The 28-day Safari Guide Course is hosted in some of the wildest and most beautiful pockets of South Africa. This informative but relaxing experience will teach you to conduct safari tours in the South African bush. You will experience the unique flora and fauna of the South African bush and have the chance to spot a diversity of wildlife, including the Big 5.

Additionally, you will see red-gold sunsets, silver-pink dawns, and dazzling night skies around the warmth of campfires. The Safari Guide program is an unforgettable nature experience and a perfect way to destress while experiencing new places.


Ecotracker Wildlife Monitoring Course

One of Natucate’s most specialised offerings is the Ecotracker Wildlife Monitoring Course. This experience spans 55 days and will teach you traditional wildlife tracking skills and essential knowledge of conservation management.

You will learn from skilled trackers who, in many cases, have been honing their complex art since childhood. They will provide you with the expertise and practical skills to recognise and interpret animal signs.

Tracking opens the door to hidden wildlife worlds and professional opportunities in ecotourism, species conservation, and wildlife monitoring. It also allows you to spend six weeks experiencing untouched nature and diverse wildlife in the majestic South African wilderness.

Marine Guide Course (currently on pause)

Are you passionate about life underwater and want to learn more about Africa's marine biodiversity? Then the Marine Guide course is an exceptional opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge about the environment and wildlife on and off South Africa's coast, including an official FGASA certificate!

There are two different course options but no matter which one you choose: You and your group will always be instructed by experienced guides who will teach you sound theoretical and practical knowledge about South Africa’s marine world during various teaching units and excursions.

If you complete the training with an exam, you will also receive an official FGASA certificate.

EcoQuest Course

Natucate offers the EcoQuest Course over either 7 or 14 days. It is ideal for people wanting to gain in-depth knowledge about the wilderness. The course covers information and hands-on training related to local flora, fauna, and the complex balance between elements in the ecosystem. You will also learn about the effect of human beings on the environment, as well as conservation strategies to mitigate direct and indirect human-wildlife conflict.

A wonderful feature of the EcoQuest programme is that it caters to the whole family. It provides a unique and special way to disconnect from the pressures of daily life and bond with your loved ones in incomparable surroundings. Taking your children on these wilderness adventures will inspire them with an appreciation of nature and a passion for conservation. This is an invaluable gift – to both your family and the planet (currently on pause).


Guide Training in South Africa with Natucate

Become a field guide in South Africa with Natucate: You already have a particular course option in mind and want to find out more? Or are you still not sure about which guide course in South Africa is right for you? Just get in touch with our Natucate team! Together we will move step by step towards your game ranger adventure in South Africa.


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