Field Guide training South Africa: Camp Karongwe

Camp Karongwe is located in a fascinating region, characterized by an impressive scenery and lush wildlife. In our blog article you can learn more about the South African camp.

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You have looked through the different courses you can book via Natucate and came across one which takes place in the delightful Karongwe Game Reserve? Then you can look forward to a camp which lies in the usually dry river bed of the Karongwe, in the heart of an area of 9,000 hectares with impressive biodiversity and landscape.

Become part of this unique natural setting and discover many of the exciting wonders to be found in the camp of the Karongwe Game Reserve.

Camp Karongwe in Detail

Location of Camp Karongwe

The camp is located in the mostly dry river bed of Karongwe river in the Karongwe Game Reserve. Close by is the Kruger National Park which is world-renowned as the largest game reserve in South Africa. The Karongwe Game Reserve is home to many different animals, such as hyaenas, cheetahs, leopards, rhinoceroses, elephants and birds.

Hills, valleys and deciduous forests will be the distinctive features of the region. There are three rivers flowing through the Karongwe Game Reserve, with typical vegetation growing along the banks.

South Africa is located in the southern hemisphere. That’s why the seasons are reversed compared to the northern hemisphere: this means that South African winter is in the months of July and August.

Summers are warm to hot, with temperatures ranging from mid-20°C on the coolers cloud-covered rainy days, to the high 30°C on average days. Occasional hot days’ temperatures can exceed 40°C. Winters are usually dry, with the average morning temperature of 6°C. Afternoon temperatures average in the mid-20s°C, with ranges of 18°C to 32°C expected. Occasional winter showers prevail but are actually unusual. Rain in the summer takes the form of heavy thunder-showers, or frontal rainfall over a longer period of time.

Arrival in Camp Karongwe

  • Airport: Johannesburg

  • By road: approx. 5,5 hours drive from Johannesburg

  • Flight: There are scheduled flights to the Eastgate Airport in Hoedspruit. You need to get an organised transfer to the camp which is about 45 minutes away from Hoedspruit.

  • Meeting point: The instructor will meet all students at Spectra Gate at 02:00 PM.


Life in Camp Karongwe

Welcome to the world of the Karongwe Game Reserve and enjoy your further training as a real adventure in one of the most fascinating corners of Africa.

As in the other camps, two participants will share a tent. In all, there are 10 tents, making a total of 20 people who can do the training at any one time in the Karongwe Game Reserve. It goes without saying that you will have a single bed. You will share the sanitary facilities with the other participants and can spend meal times and evenings in the communal area – if you wish.

If the weather is fine there will be the opportunity to spend the night on a roof-deck. Blankets and duvet cover will be provided, but we recommend bringing your own sleeping bag. In the camp there will be a common area and a fire place.

The camp is not fenced, so that wild animals could pass by from time to time.


Electricity: Electricity is provided by generators in the camp. Participants have the chance to charge their batteries for cameras and mobile phones. Bringing head lamps is recommended.

Drinking water: You can get fresh drinking water from the tap. Bottled water is available for purchase.

Beverages: Non-alcoholic drinks are sold in camp and need to be purchased in cash. Fruit juice is served with the meals. Coffee and tea are available all day.

Laundry: Laundry service is available in the camp for a small fee.

Cell phone reception: There extremely limited cell phone reception at the camp. During a weekly trip learners can make phone calls.

Currency: The currency in South Africa is Rand. There is no ATM in the camp – this is why you should bring enough cash.

On-site support: Normally there will be a training instructor, an assistant instructor, a camp coordinator, a camp cook and a cleaner on the site for the duration of your stay.


Open Land Rovers and Land Cruisers are used for game viewing.

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