Cheetahs: Scent marking

Scent marking, also known as territorial marking or spraying, is an important means of communication in cheetahs and other animals. Learn more about this behaviour in the following blog article.


The territory marking by urine tracks is an important means of communication among cheetahs. They can use specific scents to stake out their own territory or obtain information about rivals entering their territory. Exposed landmarks such as rocks, termite mounds or dead tree stumps are used as preferred markers. These offer an optimal vantage point to search the surrounding area and get an overview of the district location.

Knowledge of the location of these marker points is important information for the protection of the animals, as it enables the movement patterns and the size of the area to be traced. In various wildlife projects, camera traps are therefore used to identify and map relevant points. The precinct-marking with urine occurs also with other animals by the way, as for example with rhinoceroses or lions.

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