Volunteering nature conservation: Close-up of a fern in New Zealand

Volunteer Abroad Nature Conser­va­tion

Volunteer in nature conservation and help to preserve pristine natural areas and endangered habitats

Volunteering in nature conservation

Volunteer work in nature conservation gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in magnificent natural landscapes and to commit yourself to protecting and preserving the vulnerable environment and important habitats.

For all nature enthusiasts who want to get to know a country in a very special way and do good for the environment, volunteering in nature conservation proves to be a suitable and enriching option. As a nature conservation volunteer you can immerse yourself in breathtaking natural areas, get to know exciting cultures and make an active contribution to the protection of biological diversity – whether as a meaningful time-out of 1 or 2 weeks, as part of a semester break or in the course of an entire gap year or sabbatical.

Volunteering in nature conservation: Volunteers doing environmental work near Valencia in Spain
Volunteering Europe: Conservation volunteers in Spain observe a tortoise
Volunteering nature conservation: Close-up of a fern in New Zealand

Why nature conservation?

Forests, meadows, mountains, wetlands, dune and coastal landscapes – all over the world, you can discover diverse and extraordinary natural areas with a wide variety of plant species. These, in turn, serve as habitat and food for a fascinating animal world. However, factors such as climate change, intensive land use, the spread of invasive species or building measures mean growing threats to flora and thus to the biodiversity of many places.

In order to actively support the preservation of these areas, you can become a Natucate volunteer in various projects around the world. Find out more about where and how you can join us as a conservation volunteer.


Highlights of your volunteer work in nature conser­va­tion

Making an active contri­bu­tion to the conser­va­tion of biolog­ical diversity
Experi­encing diverse landscapes and cultures
Acquiring valuable knowledge and skills in nature conser­va­tion
Getting to know nature enthu­si­asts from all over the world

Adventures to get you dreaming

Volunteer work in nature conservation with Natucate

Natucate gives you the chance to actively support environmental and nature conservation as a volunteer. Your volunteer work can range from 1 to 2 weeks, to summer holidays or to a gap year in Europe. In the following you will get an overview of your options to become active as a nature conservation volunteer with Natucate.

Volunteer abroad in nature conservation: Volunteers in the USA doing conservation work in California

Nature conservation in the USA

Volunteering in California: If you choose to volunteer on the magnificent US West Coast, you will not only have the opportunity to actively contribute to the conservation of pristine natural areas, but also to experience breathtaking national parks and nature reserves up close. During your volunteer work as a conservationist in California, the focus of your work will usually be on trail construction and maintenance, invasive plant removal and erosion control.

Volunteering USA: Voluntary helpers doing conservation work in a forest in California
Volunteer abroad in nature conservation: Conservation volunteers at the beach in New Zealand
Volunteering New Zealand: Rainforest on New Zealand's Kauri Coast

Nature conservation in New Zealand

As a volunteer in New Zealand you will work in regions far off the beaten track and get to know the country from a very special perspective. As a participant in our year-round volunteer programme in New Zealand, you will be involved in the protection of endangered native animals and the country's unique flora. You can decide where you want to be based: Auckland, Christchurch or Wellington.

As a volunteer on New Zealand's spectacular Kauri Coast, you will focus on the nature of the country's North Island and get to know the fascinating ecosystem "rainforest" and its impressive animal world up close. Through your participation in the protection of ancient forests and endangered species, you will experience the country in a way that is rarely seen by others.

Volunteer abroad nature conservation: Two volunteers at work in a rainforest in New Zealand
Volunteering nature conservation: Volunteers doing nature conservation work in Spain
Volunteering Spain: Marine conservation volunteer diving off the Spanish coast

Nature conservation projects in Spain

Our nature conservation programme in Spain enables you to protect endangered natural areas in a sustainable way and to marvel at the beauty of south-west European landscapes at close range. Before your conservation adventure starts, you can decide whether you would like to work as a volunteer at the València site or as a volunteer at the Dénia site to dedicate yourself to various vegetation work. From 2 weeks to a quarter of a year: volunteering in Spain is suitable for both busy and flexible schedules.

Volunteering in Spain: Conservation volunteer at work near Valencia
Volunteering in nature conservation: Conservation volunteer at work in Estonia
Volunteering Estonia: Conservation volunteer at work in Estonia

Nature conservation in Estonia

Nature conservation in Northern Europe: Become a volunteer to Estonia and dedicate yourself to various environmental activities to protect endangered species and their habitats in a sustainable way. Stationed in various work camps, you and your team will venture out into nature each day – from national parks to islands in the Baltic Sea – to support the removal of invasive plant species or the implementation of construction measures. Volunteering in Estonia gives you the chance to enjoy diversified conservation work and to come close to nature and culture in Northern Europe.

Our team at Natucate is happy to advise you in detail about your volunteer opportunities in nature conservation and to assist you in planning your trip – get in touch with us and experience an unforgettable and meaningful stay abroad as a volunteer in nature conservation!


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