Eine Voluntaerin steht auf einer Wiese in Florida und streichelt ein dunkelbraunes Wildpferd

Your trip at a glance


  • Live and work on a horse ranch in West Florida
  • Dedicate yourself to protecting fasci­nating mustangs
  • Learn how to handle and train the animals
  • Be part of an inter­na­tional volunteer team
  • Discover America’s sunny southeast


Die Stallungen bieten viel Platz für die Mustangs der Ranch
Die Stallungen bieten Raum fuer besprechungen und Unterricht
Volunteering with horses: Two mustangs in the USA playing around
Weideflaechen um die Unterkunft bieten viel Raum fuer Pferde und Menschen
Eine kleine Herde wilder Mustangs in den USA galoppiert ueber eine Wiese
Volunteering in North America: A galloping brown mustang in the USA
Eine Freiwillige Helferin versorgt ein Pferd während sie unter einem Baum steht
Ein Freiwilliger lehnt sich auf einen Zaun vor einem Pferd
Ein brauner Mustang wird von einer Voluntaerin ausgeführt
Eine Herde Mustangs sammelt sich unter einem alten Baum
Zwei weisse Mustangs in auf einer eingezaeunten Weide

Volunteering with horses in Florida

As a volunteer you take part in an exciting project which dedicates itself to the protection and rehabilitation of mustangs. On a beautiful ranch west of Orlando the horses are rescued from abuse and find refuge.

A wild horse is standing on the grounds of our mustang rescue project in Florida.

Arrival and orien­ta­tion in the United States

You will fly to Orlando International Airport in Florida, where you will be picked up by an employee and taken to the ranch – your accommodation and workplace. On the last day of the project, you will be taken back to Orlando International Airport.

A donkey is surrounded by volunteers and staff member of our mustang project in Florida.

Volunteer activ­i­ties during the mustang project

The horses which are brought to the centre are often in a very bad state when they arrive, physically as well as mentally. On the ranch they are cared for, tamed and trained in professional surroundings and in compliance with horse management standards, so that at least some of the animals can find a new forever-home.

To ensure the sustainability of the project, the ranch offers training courses and seminars all about horses and their care. As a volunteer, you take part in this exciting project, which is devoted to protecting and rehabilitating these animals. You support the daily animal and ranch care, learning about how wild horses are tamed and trained. You actively contribute to animal welfare and familiarize yourself with essential tasks.


Accom­mo­da­tion as a volunteer in North America

During your time as a volunteer, you will live directly on the spacious grounds of the ranch, where the majority of your tasks will also take place. The ranch covers 42 acres. It has a huge two-story barn with eight horse stalls, a tack room, and a bathroom on the ground level. There are large fenced pastures, with a lot of gorgeous oak trees that give protection from the sun and rain, where the horses can roam freely. Near the barn is the Coffee Cafe, which is stocked with snacks and beverages for volunteers and guests.


The volunteer accommodation has been completely renewed in 2022. You will either stay in a beautiful, newly renovated bungalow or in one of our charming new cabins. Everything is built and furnished in "western cowboy" style and makes life on a horse ranch seem very authentic! Three meals a day are provided for the volunteers, which are generally vegetarian/pescetarian. The bungalow has a full kitchen, a dining room, a tv/media room, a laundry room, a bathroom with shower, a single bedroom, a double bedroom, and an outside porch that overlooks the property.


The single and double cabins also have a front deck overlooking the property. The cabins share a lovely detached bathroom/shower house. Volunteers staying in the cabins have full access to the bungalow kitchen, dining room, TV and media room and laundry room. You will be responsible for keeping your personal area, bathroom, and common cooking areas clean.

A brown wild horse is standing in a paddock of a horse rescue centre in Florida

Leisure time during your stay abroad in the USA

Typically, you work six days a week; one day a week is free. Your day off is usually Sunday or Monday. The team at the farm occasionally organises trips to nearby tourist attractions if there is time on the weekends. If the workload allows, and depending on your riding skills and the condition of the horses, you may be able to join a trail ride and enjoy the nearby nature of the ranch. However, trail rides cannot be promised. On your day off, you can spend a lazy day by the pool, relax with a good book or play games with the other volunteers. The farm is located in a very rural area, so it is not possible to visit the nearby town without a rental car.

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    Florida is a state in the southeast of the United States of America. The "Sunshine State" of the USA has a tropical to subtropical climate that has formed a landscape of unique flora and fauna with over 300 sunny days a year.

    White sandy beaches, vibrant metropolises, fascinating natural landscapes and endless leisure activities attract countless visitors year after year to the 27th state of the USA. Kayaking in the Florida Keys, a Miami city trip or an exploration tour through the Everglades – the possibilities to discover Florida are limitless.

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Purpose of the volunteer project with horses: The Wild Horse Rescue Center

Like no other animal, the mustang is seen as the epitome of the American way of life: free, wild and independent. Sadly, this concept is only partially true nowadays. Apart from the roughly 40,000 mustangs still living in the wild, there are at least equally as many living in captivity on private ranches. All in all, the mustang population is estimated at around 70,000 individuals.

Many of the animals which are held privately are not being kept appropriately. They are frequently exploited and mishandled. The horse farm from the "Wild Horse Rescue Center" in Florida on the eastern coast of the USA takes in wild horses which have been physically and mentally abused. The farm cares for them and rehabilitates them in a comprehensive training programme.
In order to do this, the farm requires people who have experience working with horses and a love for animals. The aim is to pass rehabilitated horses into a better environment where they can live without the risk of violence.


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