Volunteering in Europe: Orava Castle in Slovakia

Volun­teering in Europe: Volunteer projects in Europe

Volunteer programs in Europe: Volunteer abroad in Europe and become active in wildlife research, environmental protection and animal welfare

Volunteer work in Europe

Conservation and wildlife volunteering in Europe: When volunteering in Europe, you can support animal welfare and conservation initiatives and, at the same time, immerse yourself into awe-inspiring landscapes and fascinating cultures.

Magnificent landscapes, multifaceted cultures and a breathtakingly complex history – Europe fascinates its visitors on many levels. For all those who would like to get to know the European continent in a special way and at the same time want to give something back, volunteering is an appropriate option. This way, they can dive into beautiful landscapes, gain insights into diverse cultures and actively contribute to conservation and animal welfare in Europe. From a short time-out to gap year volunteering in Europe – learn more about Natucate’s manifold options for wildlife research, nature conservation and animal volunteer opportunities in Europe.


Highlights of your volunteer work in Europe:

Volun­teering in Spain, Portugal, Slovakia and Estonia
Supporting conser­va­tion programs and animal sanctu­aries
Getting to know beautiful landscapes and exciting cultures
From a short time-out to gap year volun­teering in Europe

Adventures to get you dreaming

Volunteering in Europe with Natucate

Natucate gives you the chance to become engaged as a conservation or animal sanctuary volunteer in Europe. Your voluntary commitment may in an aid project reach from a few weeks to several months to an entire gap year. Wildlife, animal and eco-volunteering in Europe – receive more details about the Natucate volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer abroad Europe: Landscape in Northern Europe
Wildlife in Europe: Bear in Northern Europe's forests
Animals in Europe: Fox in Northern Europe

Wildlife conservation and animal volunteering

The European fauna is rich in species – bears, lynxes, wolves, deers, elks, ibex as well as numerous bird species are just some of the many animals that are found in Europe. But due to factors like targeted hunting in the past and habitat loss, population levels of several species have been and still are shrinking. As part of dedicated conservation programs, volunteers can contribute to the protection of Europe’s unique fauna. When joining a Natucate program, you can volunteer in conservation projects or animal sanctuaries in different parts of Europe.

Wolf conservation in Portugal

Volunteer with wolves in Europe: Travel to Portugal and actively contribute to preserving the rare Iberian wolf as a volunteer! You are based on the grounds of a wolf sanctuary near Lisbon where you assist with forest maintenance on the sanctuary grounds, feeding the wolves, performing monitoring activities and maintaining the shelter’s infrastructure. Your voluntary commitment in Portugal enables you to get to know nature and wildlife of Southwest Europe in an incomparable way.

Volunteer programs in Europe: Two volunteers in the wolf conservation project in Portugal
Animal sanctuary volunteer Europe: Wolf on the grounds of the volunteer project in Portugal
Wildlife volunteering Europe: Wolf in a snowy landscape in Slovakia
Volunteer abroad Europe: Volunteers in Slovakia collecting data on wolves and lynxes

Lynx and wolf research in Slovakia

Wildlife conservation volunteering in Europe: As a volunteer in Slovakia, you work together with experienced nature conservationists and local residents to research wolf and lynx populations in the impressive Liptov region. By working with camera traps and collecting DNA samples, you and your team help to identify changes in the species’ population levels. The project takes place in the beginning of each year, giving you the chance to immerse yourself into Slovakia’s magical winter wilderness.

Conservation volunteering in Europe

Not only Europe’s fauna, but also its flora is incredibly diverse. In the European forests, meadows, riparian zones, wetlands and other biotopes, a multitudes of plant species can be found which themselves serve as habitats and food sources for animals. However, climate change, intensive agriculture and habitat destruction pose growing dangers for the continent’s flora and biodiversity. In order to help preserve biological diversity, you can support different projects in Southern and Northern Europe as a Natucate volunteer.

Conservation volunteering in Spain

Nature and marine conservation volunteer in Europe: Join a fascinating nature conservation program in Spain and help preserve pristine natural areas of the country’s Mediterranean region! The program operates on two different sites: As a volunteer in Valencia, you will mainly be working in the Albufera Natural Park – as a volunteer in Denia, you will focus on the conservation of marine ecosystems. Both sites provide valuable insights into the work of professional conservationists.

Volunteer work in Europe: Spanish Mediterranean Coast, worksite for volunteers of the Denia conservation project
Eco volunteering Europe: Two volunteers in the nature conservation project in Valencia, Spain
Volunteer work Estonia: Volunteer at work during the naturev conservation project
Conservation volunteering Europe: Estonian Saaremaa Island, one of the worksites in the nature conservation project

Nature conservation in Estonia

Eco-volunteering in Europe: As a volunteer in Estonia, you can experience the fascinating landscapes of Northern Europe while helping to conserve pristine habitats. Based in different workcamps throughout your stay, you and your international team head out into nature each day to contribute to the preservation of biodiversity through manual vegetation work like removing invasive plant species.

Nature travel in Europe: Contact our team at Natucate, join one of our European volunteer programs and experience an unforgettable time as a conservation and animal sanctuary volunteer.


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