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  • Contribute to preserving the unique nature of Bryce Canyon National Park
  • Be part of an inter­na­tional volunteer team
  • Spend the nights surrounded by Utah’s wild nature
  • Experi­ence the natural wonder of Bryce Canyon from up close
  • Discover the Western part of the USA


Bryce Canyon National Park

Conservation volunteering in Utah

As a volunteer in our nature conservation project in the USA you get the chance to discover fascinating Utah and, at the same time, to actively contribute to protecting the unique nature of the Bryce Canyon.


Arrival and Orien­ta­tion in the USA

You will have to organise your flight to the vicinity of St. George yourself, but you will then be collected from there and driven to Bryce Canyon National Park. We suggest Las Vegas as flight destination, as it is only 200 km away. Once at the camp, you will receive detailed instructions and then tasks will be allocated.


Volunteer activ­i­ties in Bryce Canyon National Park

For eleven days you will make your contribution to maintaining the beauty of Bryce Canyon National Park. Working hours are Monday to Friday, 40 hours per week. During this time you are usually involved in project tasks like erosion control, maintaining footpaths or removing non-native plant species (neophytes).


Accom­mo­da­tion in the United States

Accommodation is generally out in the open. During your stay you will be given your own tent. Food is provided and prepared together by the group. That strengthens team spirit and communication. When work is done, enjoy the proverbial “ranger romanticism” and let the day draw to a close under a starry, clear night sky.


Leisure time as a volunteer in the USA

Weekends are usually off so you have enough time to discover the Canyon and the surroundings. Should you have time to spare beyond your voluntary service, we strongly recommend that you stop over either before or afterwards, because the region around the Bryce Canyon is just too awesome. And since you’re already there, you should take the opportunity to discover more.

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    1. Bryce Canyon National Park

    Your home and place of work in this volunteer project is the Bryce Canyon National Park in southwest Utah, one of the most impressive natural wonders in the world.

    Bryce Canyon National Park is located on the Colorado Plateau in the southwestern part of Utah, the 45th state of the United States. It covers an area of about 145 km² and captivates with its fascinating rock formations, especially the so-called Hoodoos, which can rarely be found in this form and thickness a second time on earth. The forests and meadows of the park are home to an enormous variety of species – 60 native mammals and over 175 different bird species are counted here.

Purpose of the conser­va­tion project in Utah

Of course, Bryce Canyon National Park, with an area of nearly 150 km², is nowhere near as large as the Grand Canyon. But one thing is indisputable: it is no less attractive and it needs our support just as badly, in order to continue to be able to provide a home for more than 200 different animal and 1000 plant species. More than a million visitors admire the beauty of the canyon year after year and marvel at the impressive rock formations (Hoodoos), which look as though they have been sculpted. On arrival in the south-west of the US federal state of Utah, in this magnificent creation of nature, you will undoubtedly be emotionally overwhelmed by the mighty stone sculptures before you are raring to go and start on your nearly two week voluntary activity in the Bryce Canyon National Park.


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