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  • Explore the boundless expanse of the Kalahari Desert
  • Contribute to the protec­tion of South African wildlife
  • Encounter unique wildlife, such as lions, wild dogs, or cheetahs
  • Become part of an inter­na­tional team of conser­va­tion­ists
  • Learn from knowl­edge­able experts about the ecology of the reserve


A herd of Oryx gazella rests in the shade under a tree in the vast savannah landscape of the !Khamab Kalahari Reserve in South Africa.
!Khamab Kalahari Reservat

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Wildlife conservation in the Kalahari Desert

Experience the Kalahari Desert as a volunteer, support the protection of wildlife, and help with animal observations and analyses during game drives through the wilderness. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable adventure in South Africa and get the unique feeling of being part of an important conservation project.


Arrival and Orien­ta­tion

The best place to arrive is at O.R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg. You will then be transferred to the camp, a scenic drive of around eight hours through the fascinating South African landscape. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, it is advisable to arrive in Johannesburg a day early. Check-in at the !Khamab Kalahari Reserve is possible from 2 pm so that you have enough time to get settled and prepared for the upcoming adventure in the Kalahari Desert.


Activ­i­ties as a volunteer

As a volunteer in the Kalahari, you will be part of a wide range of activities, from wildlife research to monitoring and analysing camera traps that record species such as wild dogs, cheetahs, and even pangolins. On game drives in the African bush, you will conduct surveys and research to collect data on the animal herds to get information to combat poaching. Supported by knowledgeable guides, you will use GPS technology to track the animals and gain an in-depth understanding of the risks they face and the importance of the Kalahari ecosystem.


Accom­mo­da­tion in the Kalahari

During your stay in the project, you will be accommodated in comfortable twin tents. Each tent offers either two single beds or a double bed for couples as well as a private bathroom with a toilet and a shower. A fan is available in the tent to ensure pleasant air circulation. There is also a cleaning service if required.

The tents also have access to a terrace with outdoor seating. Wi-Fi is also available for you to stay connected. The camp also offers a BBQ and picnic area.


Leisure time during the project

There are daily activities on offer during your stay, but you also have the freedom to take time out at any time. During a two-week stay, for example, you can take Sundays off to relax by the pool or simply unwind.

Embark on this unforgettable journey in the mesmerizing landscapes of the Kalahari, where you'll not only revel in its beauty but also become an integral part of a vital conservation effort!



Starting dates are confirmed once we have at least 4 volunteers signed up for the time frame. Our prices are based on a 14-night adventure with a minimum of four participants. If the group is smaller than four people, we'll work out a personalized package for you. For adjustments to the length of stay, the start date, or different group size, an individual price calculation will be made.

Please get in touch with us and we will see together what best suits your needs.

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  • A herd of Oryx gazella rests in the shade under a tree in the vast savannah landscape of the !Khamab Kalahari Reserve in South Africa.
    1. !Khamab Kalahari Reservat

    !Khamab Kalahari Reserve is located in north-western South Africa, within the part of the Savanna Biome called the Eastern Kalahari Bushveld Bioregion. It is situated along the Molopo River, which makes this land historically an important destination for drought-forced migration.

    The Reserve occupies 960 km² and includes three different plant communities/animal habitats: grassland, woodland and shrubland.

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Background on the Kalahari Desert

The endless views, limestone pans, and abundant wildlife make the Kalahari Desert a fascinating natural phenomenon. The Khamab Kalahari Reserve, nestled in this landscape, covers approximately 96.400 hectares. It only offers access to a limited number of visitors as the area is very isolated and not accessible to the public. Here you can witness stunning wildlife sightings. The reserve also offers a great opportunity to observe the impressive starry sky.

Moreover, the reserve also plays an important role in volunteer research and Citizen Science Projects, actively contributing to the protection and study of this unique ecosystem through data collection and research. This also promotes awareness and understanding of environmental issues in local and international society and strengthens the link between science, wilderness, and community.


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