Freiwilli­ge­nar­beit Sambia – Klara

Volunteering in Zambia: Klara spent three weeks in Zambia with the elephant conservation project. Find out more about her time in Africa below.



Name: Klara

Age: 18

Project: Elephant conservation Zambia

Location: Lusaka and Kafue National Park

Duration: October to November

Warm people, wonderful nature sounds and images, wild animals, Victoria Falls, and baby elephants, that are getting their bottle and cuddle with a ranger - these are all images that come to my mind when I think back to my time in Zambia.

Each time I could hardly believe that it was only three weeks because I experienced and saw so much during that time that my stay must have been much longer...


From the moment I was picked up from the airport in Lusaka, I felt very comfortable. The hosts of my project were such great people who became like a little family to me over the next few weeks. In the evenings, we and another volunteer cooked, talked, and laughed together. The camps quickly became a home to me.

At the Lusaka Elephant Nursery, we learned a lot about elephants and their health. We were allowed to prepare their milk and muck out their "stable" in the morning before watching the rangers feed them. With the great morning light in the bush, it was always a wonderful start to the day!


In Lusaka and in Kafue National Park we were involved in work with local communities and schools. There were moments that I will never forget - the people and children were so friendly and welcoming. My heart opened every time they welcomed us with their singing. This zest for life is what I remember most about Zambia. I feel very honoured that I was able to learn so much from the people there.

We spent the third week at the Kafue Release Facility, where we went for a walk with the elephants every morning. I will hardly experience a better start to the day again! The rangers were all friendly and open, you could always ask questions about the elephants, species conservation, and the work of the organisation.


We also went on many game drives, where I was able to see numerous animal species for the first time in my life: Wild elephant herds (once we saw up to 150 elephants in one spot!), a leopard, antelopes, giraffes, buffaloes.... and so many more. It was a magical feeling.

One of my highlights was being there for the arrival of a newly rescued elephant. We also visited one of Zambia's chiefs - an opportunity like no other to experience the local culture. In general, every day had its specialty.


I can recommend the species conservation project in Zambia to anyone who wants to have a varied experience. The project is not focussed ONLY on animals or ONLY on working with people, and it is not just a safari.

You are lucky enough to get to know so many different things - the rearing of orphaned elephants, the local culture and the people and their work, schools, and lessons in the middle of the bush - a very formative experience for me. The biodiversity and the visit to Victoria Falls in particular were simply fantastic.

I could hardly have imagined a better experience, the three weeks flew by. I would 1000% choose this programme again and am incredibly grateful for the memories, which I always think back on with a smile.

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