Zimbabwe: Victoria Falls

This small town in the far northwest of Zimbabwe is an ideal starting point for travellers who want to explore the breathtaking Victoria Falls up close. Here you can receive further information

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Situated on the southern banks of the Zambezi River and at the western end of the waterfalls of the same name, this popular tourist town is an ideal starting point for travellers who want to explore the breathtaking Victoria Falls up close. While the Seventh Natural Wonder of the World is undoubtedly the main attraction, the area offers both adventurous and nature enthusiasts many opportunities to enjoy a longer stay.

Popular activities include helicopter flights over majestic waterfalls, bungee jumping from the Victoria Falls Bridge, white-water rafting on the Zambezi and day trips to Chobe National Park – to name a few. The city itself offers excellent accommodation and restaurants, as well as a diverse selection of curiosities, souvenirs and African art.


Victoria Falls

Founded in
approx. 1901

In the extreme northwest of Zimbabwe

approx. 200 km², about 34,000 inhabitants


Numerous accommodations, e.g. Victoria Falls Hotel, Ilala Lodge Hotel

Amongst others: visits to Victoria Falls, game drives and walking safaris in nearby national parks, boat and canoe trips as well as white-water rafting on the Zambezi, bathing in the Devil's Pool, helicopter flights, tours with focus on photography, birding, fishing etc., bungee jumping, cultural excursions (e.g. visits to museums or markets)

Best travel time
July – September, mainly because of the Zambezi water level

Victoria Falls, UNESCO World Heritage Site and largest waterfalls in the world incredibly diverse range of activities location in the border area excursions to Zambia or Botswana also possible

Visiting Victoria Falls


The town of Victoria Falls is located in Zimbabwe's Matabeleland province in the far northwest of the country. The Victoria Falls are about eight kilometres from the city, as is the Zambian border.

Accommodation and activities

Victoria Falls offers a wide range of accommodation in a variety of price and comfort classes. Thus, accommodation can be found a little further away in the city centre or in direct proximity to the falls, such as the charming Ilala Lodge Hotel or the famous Victoria Falls Hotel.

The range of activities in Victoria Falls is huge and can accommodate a wide variety of wishes and interests. A visit to the majestic Victoria Falls is certainly the top priority on the list of activities. These were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1989 and extend over a length of more than one and a half kilometres and have a height of almost 100 metres. About 550 million litres of water thunder down here per minute.


Nature lovers in particular will find game drives and foot safaris to explore the fascinating wildlife of Victoria Falls National Park, Zambia's Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park or even Botswana's species-rich Chobe National Park. Visits to local markets or museums provide insights into the local culture. Last but not least, Victoria Falls convinces with a fantastic offer for outdoor and adventure enthusiasts. White-water rafting, sightseeing flights by helicopter or ultralight aircraft, bungee jumping, boat and canoe trips on the Zambezi River, a swim in the "Devil's Pool", climbing tours and various other action and adventure options are possible and ensure fun, variety and adrenaline.

Travel time

Although most activities are possible all year round, the season should be taken into account when visiting the cases. The period between June and September is usually the best time to visit the falls, as the Zambezi does not carry too much or too little water. The latter is the case in the months of October and November, whereas the water levels are highest from February to June. The huge amounts of water of the Zambezi are indeed very impressive, but the spray rain that comes along with it often causes foggy views and wet clothes.


There's no question about it: if you're attracted to Livingstone, you'll be drawn to the Victoria Falls, because the expanse and water masses of this immense natural spectacle are truly impressive. But in addition to this highlight, Victoria Falls can also impress with a range of other leisure activities and destinations. From unspoilt nature and cultural impressions to action and adventure, Victoria Falls offers a wide range of leisure activities to suit all tastes and interests and provide plenty of variety. The location near the border to Zambia and Botswana is also favourable. It is possible to enjoy day trips to the Zambian side of the Falls or to Botswana's breathtaking Chobe National Park.

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