Travel Guide Botswana: Mababe Private Reserve

Nestled in the heart of Botswana, the relatively quiet and unspoiled Mababe Private Reserve stands as a testament to the country's rich biodiversity.

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Mababe Private Reserve is characterized by diverse ecosystems and lush habitats, offering a distinctive opportunity to explore the natural beauty of Southern Africa. The reserve encompasses various landscapes, including extensive floodplains and dense forests, supporting a wide range of flora and fauna.

As a component of the broader Okavango Delta, Mababe Private Reserve facilitates close encounters with the indigenous wildlife of the region. The reserve's features include shimmering waterways and expansive grasslands, providing a glimpse into the diverse local fauna within their natural habitat.

In the summer season, the Mababe Depression marsh in Botswana expands to cover approximately 2,900 square kilometres, creating a wetland. Throughout the dry season, the marsh recedes but never completely disappears, thanks to permanent water sources that sustain the surrounding grasslands. These nutrient-rich grasslands attract significant herds of buffalo, large populations of tsessebe, and substantial prides of lion.


Mababe Private Reserve


Situated in the eastern reaches of the Okavango Delta.


Approximately 2,935 square kilometres.


Elephants, lions, leopards, buffalos, black rhinoceros, hyaenas, jackals, cheetahs, wild dogs, warthogs, zebras, giraffes, hippos, various antelopes, crocodiles, baboons and nearly 400 bird species.



Game drives, bush walks, and mokoro tours (Mokoros are a specific type of canoe).

Best travel time

Dry season typically spans from May to October / November, while the rainy season occurs from November to April.


Mababe Private Reserve distinguishes itself through its remarkable wildlife diversity; providing visitors with the opportunity to observe species like elephants and lions set against pristine landscapes. Renowned as a premier destination for an immersive African safari experience, the reserve's appeal lies in its unique blend of exclusive ownership and captivating natural surroundings.

True to its name, Mababe is a privately owned reserve, ensuring a more exclusive and intimate safari encounter. This characteristic, intrinsic to its private nature, results in a comparatively lower visitor volume, enhancing the overall quality of the experience. The reserve's commitment to maintaining a tranquil and secluded atmosphere aligns with the preferences of discerning travelers seeking a refined and undisturbed exploration of the region's abundant wildlife.

In essence, Mababe Private Reserve stands as a testament to the synergy between private ownership and exceptional biodiversity, providing a meticulously curated safari environment for those seeking a professional and immersive African wildlife experience.


Visiting the Mababe Private Reserve


Mababe Private Reserve sprawls across the eastern expanse of Botswana's Okavango Delta, covering an extensive 2,900 square kilometres. Its diverse landscapes, ranging from expansive floodplains to dense woodlands, stand as a testament to the grandeur and ecological richness of Southern Africa.

Landscape and animals

Stretching across the expansive eastern sector of the Okavango Delta, Mababe Private Reserve serves as a biodiverse haven for a range of wildlife, fostering a dynamic interplay of ecological richness. The reserve hosts notable populations of elephants, lions, leopards, cheetahs, and various antelope species, contributing to the biodiversity that characterizes the region.

In addition to its megafauna, Mababe Private Reserve boasts a diverse landscape, featuring extensive dry savannahs that resonate with the natural rhythms of the ecosystem. These savannahs, bathed in the golden hues of the African sun, serve as the stage for the daily activities and interactions of resident wildlife.

The reserve experiences seasonal fluctuations in its floodplains, imparting a dynamic dimension to its ecology. These changes, synchronized with the ebb and flow of water, attract diverse birdlife and establish a vital water source for the resident fauna. The seasonal variation in floodplains plays a pivotal role in shaping the intricate web of life within the reserve.

Mababe Private Reserve stands as a testament to the delicate equilibrium between its flora and fauna, where each element contributes to the vibrant ecosystem. Visitors to the reserve witness not only the iconic wildlife set against a breathtaking backdrop but also gain a profound understanding of the intricate ecological dynamics at play in this pristine corner of Southern Africa. Notably, each season presents distinct advantages for visitors, with the dry season spanning from May to October and the rainy season occurring from November to April. The ever-changing landscapes afford unique opportunities for observation and appreciation throughout the year.


Accommodation and activities in the Mababe Private Reserve

Within the vast expanse of Mababe Private Reserve in the eastern Okavango Delta, a selection of intimate and well-appointed accommodations await, providing guests a unique blend of comfort and an authentic connection to the surrounding wilderness. Offering an unforgettable safari experience, these accommodations, including mobile tent safaris, allow visitors to immerse themselves in the heart of Southern Africa's mesmerizing nature.

Mababe Private Reserve's range of activities mirrors the diversity of its landscapes; classic game drives offer an opportunity to witness the reserve's thriving wildlife, from herds of elephants to majestic lions and elusive leopards. For a different perspective, tours by motorboat or mokoro enable guests to explore the intricate water worlds and unique flora and fauna, all while gliding quietly through the waterways.

The specific activities available in Mababe Private Reserve are contingent upon the chosen accommodation and safari. Whether embarking on a mobile tent safari or staying in one of the reserve's camps, guests can tailor their experience to suit their preferences, creating memories that resonate with the untamed beauty of Mababe. While bushwalks and night drives are not currently offered in the reserve, the array of activities ensures a holistic and enriching safari adventure within the captivating landscapes of Mababe Private Reserve.


Best Time to Travel to Mababe Private Reserve

Divided into distinct dry and wet seasons, each with its unique attributes, the Mababe Private Reserve offers contrasting yet equally captivating experiences for wildlife enthusiasts.

During the dry months from May to October / November, an optimal landscape for wildlife observation unveils. Characterized by arid conditions and diminished water sources, this period compels animals to gather around waterholes and riverbanks, creating concentrated hubs for observation. The scarcity of water prompts diverse species to exhibit their behaviors as they seek nourishment and respite, offering an ideal opportunity for immersive wildlife encounters. With vegetation thinning out during the dry season, visibility is enhanced, allowing visitors to appreciate the nuances of animal behavior against a backdrop of clearer landscapes.

Conversely, the wet season from November to April brings a transformative change to the Okavango Delta. Heavy rainfall revitalizes the ecosystem, replenishing water sources and fostering lush vegetation. This season witnesses the birth of many young animals, contributing to a vibrant and dynamic environment. While the wet season may present challenges such as muddy terrain and obstructed views due to increased vegetation, it provides a unique opportunity to witness the Delta's transformation and observe the adaptive behaviors of wildlife in response to the changing conditions.

In summary, the dry season promises optimal conditions for concentrated wildlife observation around water sources, coupled with improved visibility, while the wet season introduces a rejuvenated landscape and the opportunity to witness the resilience and adaptability of the Delta's ecosystems and its inhabitants.

Highlights of the Mababe Private Reserve

Mababe Private Reserve stands as an unparalleled gem, blending diverse landscapes with iconic wildlife while being more exclusive. Its vast expanses host herds of elephants, regal lions, and elusive leopards. The unique combination of dry savannahs, seasonal floodplains, and dense forests creates a dynamic habitat, offering an extraordinary safari experience that captures the essence of Southern Africa's untamed beauty.

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