Voluntary social year abroad

A voluntary Social Year offers the unique opportunity to explore new areas of work, get a taste of different professional fields, and broaden your horizons before deciding on an apprenticeship or degree programme.

But what exactly does a so-called FSJ with Natucate involve? In this article, we'll delve a bit deeper into that.


What is a voluntary social year?

The Voluntary Social Year (FSJ) is a programme that offers young people up to the age of 26 the opportunity to work in charitable or social institutions for a certain period of time (usually between 6 and 24 months). These institutions can include hospitals, schools, retirement homes, workshops for the disabled or environmental protection organisations in Germany and abroad.

During the FSJ, volunteers can gain practical experience, learn new skills, strengthen their social competencies, and contribute to society. They usually work full-time and receive pocket money as well as accommodation and meals, depending on the agreement.

The FSJ is a popular choice for young people who want to take a break after school to do some social work before starting an apprenticeship or going to university. It offers an opportunity for personal development and orientation for the future. There is also the Voluntary Ecological Year (FÖJ), the International Youth Volunteer Service (IFSJ), and the Federal Volunteer Service (BFD) for people over the age of 27.

The main goal of the Voluntary Ecological Year (FÖJ) is to raise awareness of ecological issues, identify environmental problems, and implement practical measures to protect nature. During the FÖJ in Germany and abroad, participants gain valuable experience in practical nature conservation.


Can I complete my FSJ, FÖK, or BFD with Natucate?

All Natucate projects do not fall into the category of the "traditional" voluntary social year or the voluntary ecological year according to the JFD Act or the Federal Volunteer Service under the BFDG.

You are welcome to consider your volunteer service abroad with Natucate as an opportunity for your own personal, nature-loving year. By participating in our projects, you can not only gain valuable experience abroad but also actively contribute to the protection of the environment and get involved. During your time with Natucate, you will have the opportunity to participate in various ecological projects, be it in nature conservation or species protection. These experiences not only allow you to develop your personal skills but also to make a positive contribution while protecting nature and its diversity. We call this a Sabbatical or Gap year - and we have 5 good reasons for a sabbatical.

For more information about volunteer services, check out our blog article: Volunteer Work FAQ


Discover nature conservation with Natucate

During your volunteer service with Natucate, you not only invest in the protection of our environment but also experience a time full of adventure and personal development. Unlike the Voluntary Social Year in Germany, where a small salary is paid, here you finance your time abroad yourself. Your accommodation, meals, and learning content are covered. In addition, part of your contribution will be used to initiate and support projects in the field of species and nature conservation.

You can expect unique nature experiences in the most remote places on our planet. You will discover new cultures, make close friends, and collect unforgettable memories. This time will allow you to broaden your horizons, take a closer look at yourself, learn new skills, overcome personal boundaries, and appreciate the small pleasures in life once again.


Are you still looking for the right project for your volunteer work, nature adventure, or voluntary social year aka sabbatical with Natucate? Here you will find an overview to find a suitable project: Project-Finder

Feel free to contact our team directly, and together we can find out which project suits your expectations and ideas. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you in planning your adventure!

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