Mustangs in the USA: Facing slaughter

After Donald Trump's new Budget Proposal in 2018 the topic „Wild horses in the USA“ was picked up once again. The following blog post reveals further information.


After the new budget proposal of Donald Trump for 2018, the topic "Wild horses in the USA" was taken up again. As some restrictions and conditions have been lifted by the new Budget Proposal, horses from the reception centres that are not suitable for adoption can now also be sold for slaughter.

Since the financial means of the BLM for the management of mustangs are scarce, the BLM is again considering the planned mass euthanasia of mustangs in reception camps. For our partners from the USA, who have been dedicated to the protection and rehabilitation of mustangs for years, this current development is a severe setback.

The BLM controls the population of wild horse herds, but from today's point of view the approach is not effective and sustainable. The number of horses has multiplied and wild herds have to move from public land in search of water and food to private land where they are undesirable. The horses compete with the livestock herds and with each other. Containing the number of horses would therefore be a wise step to protect them from hunger and disease. However, the previous practice of rounding up numerous horses each year and releasing them for auction has proved to be a dead end, as many of the animals do not find a new home, but remain in the state reception centres instead. There they continue to cause costs and live under conditions that are not species-appropriate. The herds, which still live in freedom, continue to multiply strongly and the population is increasing.


According to the The American Wild Horse the Fertility Control Method might be a solution. The mares in a herd are given a syringe containing a contraceptive vaccine with the help of a special rifle. The vaccine is designed in such a way that, according to current studies, social structures are not affected. In addition to the use of this vaccine, the American Wild Horse Campaign also calls for a fairer division of public land, as wild horses are only allocated about 12% of the land controlled by the BLM. The rest of these countries are open to livestock herds that horse herds and other local wildlife compete with for food and water reserves.

Volunteering with animals: You want to become active in protecting horses in need? Take a look at our page about volunteering with horses to receive further information on volunteer opportunities with Natucate.

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