Safari Zambia: Nanzhila Plains Safari Camp

Located in southern Kafue National Park, Nanzhila Plains Safari Camp is charaterised by complete seclusion, pure wilderness and best comfort. Here you can learn more about the camp.

Travel Guide

Nanzhila Plains Safari Camp is located in the southern Kafue National Park. It lies in complete seclusion, surrounded by endless, wild vastness. The comfortable and spacious safari tents provided for the guests all overlook the Dambo near the camp, a large wetland area which is visited by numerous wild animals as a source of water.
In this remote corner of Kafue National Park, safari guests can expect unforgettable safari experiences as pat of their trip to beautiful Zambia. The game drives, bush walks and night drives certainly offer unique encounters with lions, elephants, buffalos, numerous antelope species and perhaps even cheetahs and wild dogs.


Nanzhila Plains Safari Camp

In the southern Kafue National Park, in the midst of the wilderness

Guest accommodation
3 safari tents and 3 guest chalets for 2 people each, each with its own en-suite bathroom

Max. number of guests
12 guests in 3 safari tents and 3 chalets

Day and night game drives, bush walks, full day drives, cultural excursions


The beautiful, extremely secluded location • no people and pure wilderness • a dambo, situated near the camp, where wild animals are always present and which can be observed from the tent • varied safari experiences and a species-rich animal world on the Nanzhila Plains

Elephants, lions, leopards, buffalos, cheetahs, hippos, zebras, waterbucks, various bird species

Staying at Nanzhila Plains Safari Camp


Nanzhila Plains Safari Camp is the southernmost camp in Kafue National Park. It is located in the middle of a secluded bush landscape and overlooks a wet biotope frequently visited by animals.

The Camp

Guest accommodation

Guests stay either in one of the extremely comfortable safari tents or in one of the three fortified chalets. All accommodations have an attached, fully equipped bathroom, mosquito nets and (mostly) double beds. Tents and chalets were set up along the edge of the forest and overlook the dambo near the camp, where animals often gather to drink. The camp welcomes children of all ages on request. In any case, they must share the tent with their parents.


Central facilities

The thatched main building, set up between two trees, lies on a platform and overlooks the landscape unfolding in front of it. There is a lounge area, a bar and two large dining tables for communal meals. In front is the swimming pool, on the side a fireplace on a stone platform.


Nanzhila Plains Safari Camp offers its guests both game drives and bush walks to experience the biodiversity of Kafue National Park up close. After sunset, game drives are also accomplished, in order to be able to spy a few nocturnal animals. Experienced guides are always at the guests' side to introduce them to the secrets of the local flora and fauna. If you want to learn more about local culture and life, you can also take a trip to the nearby village of Shezongo to gain an insight into the everyday life of the villagers.



Nanzhila Plains Safari Camp shines through a unique secluded location. It is the most southern accommodation in Kafue National Park, situated in the middle of pure wilderness. An incomparable safari experience is guaranteed here! The bush land in front of the camp is also very impressive. It catches a lot of water in the rainy season which remains in the dry season as ponds and pools, so-called dambos. The dambo near the camp is an attraction for numerous wild animals that come here to drink. Grandiose Wildlifesichtungen can often take place directly from the veranda of the tent. Last but not least, the rich biodiversity of the region, which can be admired on the bush excursions offered, makes the Nanzhila Plains Safari Camp a very special place.


The Kafue National Park impresses with its immense biodiversity. On the daily game drives and walking safaris offered by Nanzhila, numerous representatives of the African animal world can be observed with a little luck: Lions, elephants, buffalos and leopards are at home here, as are cheetahs, hippos, waterbucks and zebras. Maybe you're even allowed to spot some wild dogs. Not least for bird lovers, the region is an extremely attractive destination.****

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