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From field guide courses to nature training – experience Botswana’s awe-inspiring Okavango Delta as a wilderness student with African Guide Academy

Game ranger courses in Botswana

Your African Guide Academy experience: Join one of African Guide Academy’s wilderness courses in Botswana, acquire hands-on guide and nature knowledge and get to know the miracles of the mighty Okavango Delta.

What is African Guide Academy?

African Guide Academy (AGA), formerly known as Okavango Guiding School, was the first private guide training school registered in Botswana to provide training for guides on both the Field Guide Association of Southern Africa (FGASA) and the Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA) platforms. African Guide Academy lies in Kwapa, in the heart of the Okavango Delta, which is doubtlessly one of the most spectacular wildlife areas on the planet.


Wilderness courses in the Okavango Delta

For both time-out seekers and those looking for a safari job in Africa, training course provider African Guide Academy offers different wilderness training courses in Botswana’s breathtaking Okavango Delta.

From FGASA/BQA accredited field or trails guide training to exciting track & trail adventures – each AGA course gives participants the chance to experience untouched landscapes, to observe wild animals like lions, elephants and buffaloes in their natural habitat and to gain a deeper understanding of Southern Africa’s fascinating ecosystems.


Highlights of your African Guide Academy adventure

Enjoying diverse wilder­ness adven­tures – from short to career courses
Living and learning surrounded by Botswana’s incred­ible nature
Witnessing a fasci­nating animal abundance
Obtaining a FGASA/BQA accred­ited quali­fi­ca­tion

Adventures to get you dreaming

AGA courses in Botswana offered by Natucate

African Guide Academy has a portfolio of different field and guide courses that will bring you close to Botswana’s wilderness, teach you essential nature and outdoor knowledge and – depending on the course – give you the chance to travel back home with an official qualification in your backpack. Learn more about which AGA courses you can visit via Natucate.

Apprentice Field Guide Training with African Guide Academy

Gain expert knowledge about nature and wildlife and acquire the basic skills of a real field guide while being surrounded by nothing but pure wilderness! During the AGA Basic Field Guide training you will be exposed to theoretical and practical units which teach you basic knowledge about topics like ecology, geology, zoology, climate and weather.

Experienced course instructors will pass their know-how on to you and provide you with valuable skills in bush navigation, tracking, handling a gun and guiding by foot, boat, mokoro and all-terrain vehicle during regular game walks and game drives.

You and your international student group get the chance to enjoy beautiful landscapes and fascinating wildlife, spend nights under Africa’s starry night sky and receive the official FGASA/BQA qualification at the end of the course.

The training is modular, enabling you to join the course for two or four weeks – at a time or in parts.


Apprentice Trails Guide Course with African Guide Academy

As a Trails Guide student, you explore the stunning wilderness of the Okavango Delta by foot and enjoy a unique outdoor adventure enabling you to immerse yourself into the African bush while using all of your senses.

Your equipment: a backpack, a rifle and binoculars. Your companions: an international student team and an experienced guide. All together you go on daily hikes and experience the African bush in a unique way. The topics you deal with throughout your AGA Trails Guide adventure include navigation and survival training, mokoro and motorboat rides, tracking, stargazing and sleep-outs in the bush as well as lectures and presentations on zoology, ecology and meteorology.

Since a skilled Trails Guide must be able to lead safari tourists safely through the African bush, you also get trained in handling a rifle properly. The AGA training is modular, enabling you to join the course for two or four weeks – at a time or in parts.


Track and Trail Adventure with African Guide Academy

The AGA Track and Trail Adventure allows you to go back to the roots, gain precious nature knowledge and observe wild animals from up close in Botswana’s incomparable Okavango Delta.

It is up to you, if you join African Guide Academy’s tracking or trailing course – or even both of them. Your options are the 8-day training course, focusing on either tracking or trailing, and a 15-day wilderness adventure which combines both aspects.

Experienced safari guides share their expert knowledge about the local flora and fauna and teach you the art of tracking and trailing in the midst of the Kwapa wildlife paradise.

The hours on foot gained during this course can be logged for the BQA Back-up Trails Guide and the FGASA Apprentice Trails Guide. Moreover, there is a practical assessment at the end of the course and based on your competency, you will receive a certificate of achievement.


AGA support from Natucate

Natucate is a trusted partner of African Guide Academy and offers different AGA field and guide courses. Booking through Natucate guarantees expert advice, quality care and several travel law advantages. You are passionate about nature and wildlife and are yearning for a memorable time amidst the magical landscapes of the Okavango Delta? Then reach out to our team and start your AGA wilderness adventure with us!


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