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The charmingly rough Savute region is located in Botswana's Chobe National Park and is particularly known for the magnificent Savuti Marsh and the great lion populations. Learn more about this fascinating area

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The Savute region is located in the heart of Botswana's magnificent Chobe National Park and is particularly famous for its only partly flowing Savuti Canal, the Savuti Marsh and the spectacular landscapes.

This wilderness which consists primarily of vast savannah areas, is annually crossed by huge herds of zebra, wildebeest and other antelopes – a unique natural spectacle. Visitors to this dry, rugged and truly impressive region can continue to observe the famous lion packs, large herds of elephants and the rare African wild dog. Buffalos, cheetahs, hyaenas, jackals, bat-eared foxes and a variety of birds are also native to the area.



In the western part of Botswana's Chobe National Park

approx. 5000 km²

Lions, elephants, leopards, cheetahs, jackals, hyaenas, bat-eared foxed, hippos, zebras, giraffes, various antelopes, also wild dogs

Among other: Savute Safari Lodge

Game drives in the morning and afternoon, cultural excursions

Best travel time
May to October

Located in the heart of breathtaking Chobe National Park spectacular annual herd hikes of zebras, wildebeest and other animals large lion and elephant populations beautiful, rugged-romantic landscapes thousands of years old rock paintings of the San


Visiting the Savute region


The Savute region of about 5000 km² lies in the western part of Botswana's famous Chobe National Park, which in turn is located in the north of the country.

Landscape and animals in Savute

The image of the Savute region is determined above all by the huge marsh area of the Savuti Marsh, which is fed with water by the Savute Channel. However, as the channel only carries water irregularly, long periods of drought often occur. Visitors to the Savute region can expect pure wilderness, characterised by rugged, austere beauty.

In addition, the area captivates by its animal population. Every year Africa's second largest zebra migration takes place here, and the huge herd migrations of wildebeest and other antelopes are also an unforgettable natural spectacle. Savute continues to be famous for its rich lion population as well as for its large herds of elephants. Last but not least buffalos, jackals, hyaenas, cheetahs, leopards, bat-eared foxes and the diverse bird life are astounding.

Accommodation and activities in Savute

In the Savute region guests will find various camps and lodges, which offer them wonderful safari experiences in the context of exciting activities. These amount primarily to classic morning and afternoon game drives to roam large areas of Savute and marvel at the abundance of wildlife. But Savute is also an exciting destination for those interested in culture. On the Gobabis Hill you can admire over 4000-year old rock paintings of the San, the native inhabitants of Botswana. Ultimately, the activities offered always depend on the accommodation.


Travel time for Savute

The best time to visit the Savute region is during the dry months between May and October. Animals now come to the nourishing and refreshing water at the waterholes and riverbanks and can therefore be particularly well observed by guests. November to April is the rainy season. At this time the vegetation is a little denser again – but you can also observe the immense herd migrations, which usually fall in November or December.

Highlights in Savute

The Savute region in Botswana's vast Chobe National Park enchants travellers with its ruggedly romantic, wild landscapes, in which a fascinating abundance of wildlife can be found. In particular, the large lion populations and herds of elephants give the area its high profile. In addition, immense herd migrations of various animals can be observed here once a year – including those of the zebras, which represent the second largest zebra migration of the African continent. Through the ancient rock paintings of the San, Savute creates an exciting combination of pure nature and cultural insights.

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