Travel Guide Botswana: Khwai Conces­sion

The Khwai Concession in northeast Botswana covers an area of approx. 1,800 km² and is primarily characterised by idyllic landscapes and an abundance of wild animals. Learn more about this magnificent region

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The Khwai Concession is an approximately 1,800 km² area in the northeastern part of Botswana's Okavango Delta. Mopane forests, grass plains, river meadows and blooming lagoons dominate the idyllic landscape. The area goes back to local Khwai settlers and is now managed by the Khwai Development Trust.

Formerly a hunting area, it is today used solely for the protection of nature and biodiversity. The Khwai River runs through the area and is the largest water source for animals in the region. Elephants, lions, antelopes and other representatives of the African animal world can be found here many times.


Khwai Concession

At the northeastern edge of Botswana's Okavango Delta, bordering the Moremi Game Reserve

approx. 1,800 km²

Elephants, lions, leopards, buffalos, hyaenas, wild dogs, cheetahs, zebras, giraffes, hippos, baboons, various antelopes, numerous species of birds

Among others: Sango Safari Camp, Sable Alley (located in Khwai Private Reserve)

Day and night game drives, bush walks, boat/mokoro trips, cultural excursions

Best travel time
May to October

Situated in the middle of the breathtaking Okavango Delta picturesque scenery grandiose animal richness, especially elephants varied range of activities


Visiting the Khwai Concession


The Khwai concession is located at the northeastern end of the Okavango Delta where it meets the border of the Moremi Game Reserve.

Landscape and animals in the Khwai Concession

Khwai's landscape is beautiful and varied. Mopane forests, wide grassland, river meadows as well as small and often lily-covered pools and lagoons define the scenery.
In addition to the picturesque landscape, Khwai also impresses with its wildlife. Large herds of elephants, numerous antelopes – including sable and roan antelopes – lions, hyaenas, cheetahs, zebras, giraffes, baboons and a diverse bird life can be found here. With lots of luck, travellers also spot a leopard or some of the rare African wild dogs.


Accommodation and activities in the Khwai Concession

There are some excellent camps and lodges in the Khwai area, including the beautiful Sango Safari Camp and the Sable Alley Lodge, which is located in the Private Khwai Reserve. But there are also public campsites for self-drivers as well as private campsites for mobile safari operators in Khwai.

Depending on the season and accommodation, the region can be explored in many ways. Game drives are offered during the day as well as at night, in order to be able to observe with a little luck also the nocturnal representatives of the African animal world. On guided bush walks and tours by motorboat or mokoro, the traditional dugout canoe in Botswana, travellers can discover the rich fauna from a very special perspective. Last but not least, cultural excursions, such as in village communities in the Khwai region, ensure a multifaceted safari experience.


Travel time

The best time to visit the Okavango Delta and the Khwai region is during the dry months between May and October. This dry period attracts countless animals to the nourishing and refreshing wet of the waterholes and riverbanks, so that guests now have particularly good chances of unique wildlife sightings.

Highlights in the Khwai Concession

The Khwai Concession is a picturesque area in the middle of the spectacular Okavango Delta. The landscape is idyllic and the abundance of animals is outstanding. Elephants in particular, but also many other animals can be observed here wonderfully. The diverse range of activities offered by the extremely comfortable guest lodges and camps generally makes it possible to explore the wilderness with its many species.

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